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Manny P. here… Partners West logo

   Partner’s West Book Distributing, Inc., one of the wholesale distributors of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History, has currently placed my work as one of their Featured Books in their recent newsletter. I consider this high praise from a prestigious company that doesn’t play favorites with their product. This is how the literary world thankfully works, which makes the showcase of my paperback all the more special.

   Here is a link to the newsletter:


   Partners West Book Distribution in Renton, WA is a private company. It was established in 1997, and incorporated in Michigan. Partners West is a full service, independent wholesaler serving the Western U.S., and carries 85,000 titles including bestsellers and regional literature.


   Gary Lycan of the Orange County Register (and co-host of The Forgotten Hollywood Radio Show on The Spa – AM 1510) has sent me an email from a listener of the program who writes:

“My favorite horror movies from the past… The Blob AND Invasion of the Body Snatchers!… I saw them both at the ‘midnight’ show in Texas… where it was such a BIG DEAL to get to go to the movies during a slumber party that started at midnight!  We were only 13!


Cheryl West – Costa Mesa, CA

   Thank you for the kind words, and we hope you keep listening every Sunday at 3pm! Here’s a link if you live outside the signal area:


Until next time>                               “never forget”

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