“Forgotten Hollywood”- SAG Foundation Library Carry Book!

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Manny P. here…


   I’m happy to announce the Screen Actor’s Guild Foundation will house Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History in their prestigious library. Among other things, the SAG Foundation promotes children’s literacy through their BookPALS program. Other generous programs include Storyline Online and PencilPALS.

   According to their website:

Founded in 1985, the Screen Actors Guild Foundation is an educational, humanitarian and philanthropic 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

The mission of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation is to enhance the lives of actors by investing in programs which help them in their professional endeavors and the communities in which they live. Our programs reflect the concerns and interests of SAG members as well as their desire to “give back” to their communities. The SAG Foundation is independent from SAG but offers substantive services to Guild members, free of charge. The Foundation relies solely on the support from grants, corporate sponsorships, bequests and individual contributions to maintain our programs and create new ones. Our mission is to assist, educate and inspire actors.

*12_24_logosBookPALS is founded on a clear premise: children must be exposed to the magic of books in order to develop a love of reading. The world of literacy and literature is then opened to these children by the very people who make books come alive through their talent and training. Who better to instill that love than actors, gifted in the art of storytelling?

Through our more than a decade long focus on early literacy we have identified several key obstacles that many children, especially those for whom English is a second language, face in their developmental process. In addition to our core reading aloud program, we have expanded the BookPALS program to address these primary obstacles through innovative programming that reinforces the BookPALS mission.

   Libraries nationwide offer opportunity to youngsters in a variety of ways. I’m thrilled the SAG Foundation joins the Writers Guild Foundation in targeting those young folks interested in our cherished cinematic past. With the correct literary inspiration, we could help develop our next generation of leaders in the entertainment industry.

   As a 29-year card-carrying member of SAG, a hearty thank you to Casey Lewis and the staff of the Screen Actors Guild Foundation. This is an appropriate 5oth library to carry my book.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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