“Forgotten Hollywood”- Fight to the Finish…

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Manny P. here…

“`David Horowitz created Fight Back!, the syndicated program that made him the most familiar consumer reporter in the United States. Before his celebrated program,  David had been a local advocate for consumer rights on KNBC in Los Angeles, a stint that started in the civic-minded 1970s.                                 DAVID HOROWITZ –>

“`Fight Back! With David Horowitz won multiple Emmys and a huge audience; he investigated product defects, tested advertising claims, and confronted companies with customer complaints. At its peak, the program was syndicated on dozens of television stations across the country.

“`His approach was criticized by a few consumer advocates and reporters as being concerned with showmanship, He appeared on episodes of Silver Spoons, ALF, The Golden Girls, and Saved by the Bell. Dave was a frequent guest on The Tonight Show. He also made regular appearances on NBC’s Today show, did radio commentaries, and had a newspaper column.

“`David Horowitz was 81.


“`Don Newcombe became the third African American to play for the Brooklyn Dodgers.  He garnered fine success as a pitcher, earning accolades as the Rookie of the Year and as an MVP. He also won the first Cy Young Award. After retiring, Newcombe was retained by the team as the Director of Community Affairs. In the 1960s, Don was a Civil Rights advocate, and a confidante to Martin Luther King Jr.

“`Don Newcombe (right) was 92.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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