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   Thanks to Tim Keenan of Creative Media for information on a new Howard Hughes bio-pic, expected to be Warren Beatty’s final on-screen role. He is also expected to direct and produce the motion picture. Alec Baldwin became the latest star reported to have joined the cast, which includes Martin Sheen and Beatty’s wife, Annette Bening.

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   The $27m romantic drama, which began filming in February and will be released next year, is a lifelong ambition to produce for the 77-year old actor. It focuses on the latter years of the eccentric billionaire, following Martin Scorsese’s 2004 portrayal of Howard Hughes’s early life in The Aviator. Beatty, who has long held a reputation for perfectionism, and one of the most difficult men to work with in Hollywood, is well known for moving at a glacial pace. He first began auditioning actors in 2007, seven years before production began. His new film is easily his longest planned project yet.

   Warren signed a contract with Warner Brothers in the mid-1970s to do his Hughes before Heaven Can Wait, the hugely successful 1978 comedy that garnered nine Oscar nods. He eventually reconsidered, and opted for Dick Tracy instead. And, Beatty first began working on Reds in the mid-1960s, before completing the film in 1981. His Academy Award-winning epic centered around US journalist John Reed and the Russian Revolution, which he produced, wrote, starred, and directed.

   If Warren Beatty strikes gold with his final effort, he might be favorably compared to his contemporaries, Clint Eastwood and Robert Redford, still acting and directing.

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