“Forgotten Hollywood”- On TARGET Across the U.S.

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Manny P. here…

Target photo   I’m extraordinarily excited to discover that TARGET STORES online now carry Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History. To be associated with this chain of stores is grandiose news indeed. Obviously, getting them into individual locations will be the next goal.

   If you’re interested in a perfect Holiday gift, and TARGET is your store, then I suggest you pick up my paperback (On Demand) with one click of your mouse.

target_logo  I just received a wonderful Christmas gift with this valuable piece of information.


   Other bookstore chains nationally have added Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History online. Here are the details:

HastingsStore * HASTINGS ENTERTAINMENT – Founded back in 1968, Hastings Entertainment, Inc. is a leading multimedia entertainment retailer with 153 superstores, primarily in medium-sized markets throughout the U.S. They also operate www.gohastings.com, an internet web site that make available to customers entertainment products and contemporary gifts.

   Here’s a link to purchase my book (On Demand):


~ ~ ~

JB_Logo* JOSEPH BETH BOOKSELLERS – A major chain throughout Middle America, with shops in Cleveland, Cincinnatti, Pittsburgh, Memphis, Nashville, Lexington,  Jackson, Charlotte, and a new location in Fredericksburg. The Joseph Beth Group is one of the nation’s most successful chain of independent booksellers (by their own admission).

   Here’s the direct link to purchase my work (On Demand):


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Schuler_logo * SCHULER BOOKS & MUSIC – Another On Demand chain of stores with 5 independent shops throughout Michigan. A warm and friendly cafe can also be found at each location.

   Here’s the on line link to purchase my paperback:


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* POSMAN BOOKS – Two New York independent shops located at Grand Central Terminal and Chelsea Market. They are proud to have served over two million customers. As they say: Their selection is unbiased.


   Here is their online link:


Until next time>                               “never forget”

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