“Forgotten Hollywood”- In Solidarity with Belgium…

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Manny P. here…

   Today, I stand with the nation’s citizenry in the wake of this morning’s bombing attacks. I’m proud that members of my extended family are Belgian.

   After three devices devastated Brussels, killing at least 26 people and injuring more than 100, people around the world have turned to an iconic children’s comic strip to show solidarity with the Belgian capital. The Adventures of Tintin, written by Belgian cartoonist Georges Remi under the pen name Hergé, has long been a symbol of Brussels and a national hero in Belgium. Now, Tintin has become an emblem of solidarity for the city rocked by a terrorist attack that continues to claim the lives of innocent people.

   The books have sold in the tens of millions, but only in Belgium has the fearless reporter and his dog Snowy been ingrained in the DNA of most youngsters since the 1950s. Creator Herge died in 1983, and is considered a national treasure in his native Belgium. The character is at the center of art galleries, museums, murals, and themed restaurants, drawing tourists from around the world. The Tintin cartoon books have been translated into 70-plus languages, from Chinese to Armenian, English to Spanish.

TinTin   On Tuesday morning, Tintin, the intrepid young investigative journalist who solves fantastical mysteries, wasn’t on another adventure. Instead, he and his pup were crying for the people of Brussels. Internet followers are lending their languages, in a display of  outrage,  defiance, and concern to the cacophony of voices following the Brussels attacks. People from around the world have been posting pictures of Tintin on social media with captions such as: I am Belgium and Sadness.

   My personal sentiment…  JeSuisBruxelles.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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