“Forgotten Hollywood”- Historic Plane Found in Gable Film…

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   The plane legendary pilot Amelia Earhart was flying when she disappeared over the Pacific has been spotted in a 1936 Clark Gable / Joan Crawford flick. Researchers with International Group of Historic Aircraft Recovery — or TIGHAR — recently spotted Earhart’s Lockheed Electra (given away by the registration number on its wing) in Love on the Run.

Loveontherunposter07x   Love_on_the_Run_Electra

   In the film, the Lockheed carrying Gable and Joan Crawford narrowly avoids running into a crowd of spectators during a rocky takeoff. Love on the Run debuted about eight months before Earhart’s disappearance in July 1937.

   Stunt Pilot Paul Mantz, who also served as Earhart’s technical adviser, performed the takeoff. He had the aircraft re-painted in a fictional scheme and used for the ground sequences, while studio cockpit mock-ups and scale models were employed for other scenes. The plane was delivered to Earhart on her 39th birthday on July 24th, 1936, within weeks of the scene being filmed. It’s unclear if she knew it was used in a movie. It appears even official Earhart biographers were unaware of the famous plane’s cinematic appearance.

   Neither Earhart nor her plane have ever been found, though TIGHAR is preparing a new submersible-led mission to find it for the summer of 2017.

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