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Manny P. here.

   Thank you to Gary Lycan, radio columnist of the Orange County Register, and co-host of our weekly Forgotten Hollywood radio program on The Spa, who provided me with a recently written blog dispelling myths about reading eBooks on iPads.

   According to the article:

Six Common Myths About Reading eBooks On Mobile Phones

1. The screen is too small.

If you have a modern phone, then the size of the screen is about the same width as a newspaper or magazine column. Most people are comfortable reading that size of text. The only real difference between that and reading on your phone’s screen is that you can’t see the rest of the page at the same time. But since you’re probably not reading all of the text on a magazine page at the same time, you won’t need to see the whole page at once.

2. The font size is too small.

The font size can be changed in just about any program that displays text, including eBook readers. Whichever eBook app you’re using will have this feature. You can just make a few taps and shrink or enlarge the size of the text. If you have a touch-screen device you can probably zoom in on the page as well. You can’t do any of that with a printed book or newspaper.

3. It costs extra money.

The eBook reading apps that you need are free. The only thing that costs money are the books, and those cost money whether you buy them digitally or on paper. There are eBook apps that cost money, but you don’t have to use those.

4. It’s too difficult!

It’s really not difficult if you’re comfortable with using the features of a smartphone. If you’ve ever gotten an app for your phone, you can get an ebook app in exactly the same way. A lot of the eBook apps will let you buy an ebook and download it directly to the app without even having to use your computer. If you do need to purchase the ebook on your computer, then you just sync it to your phone the same way you would any other file.

5. It’s not very convenient.

Downloading an entire book to your little mobile phone is a lot more convenient than driving to a store to get a book, or ordering it online and waiting for shipping.

6. There aren’t many books available.

Nowadays most book publishers are making their books available as eBooks. There are literally hundreds of thousands of eBooks available from a lot of different sources. You can pretty much take your pick of what you want and where you want to get it.

   ~~Jared Scott (the author of the story portion above) is an IT professional that has been working in the eBook industry for over ten years. His eBook Reader Software blog is updated regularly with informational posts relating to eBook software.

   Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History is now available on your Apple or Diesal – iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.

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   For the complete text of this article (written on 2/14/11), please follow the link below:


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