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Manny P. here…

“`Her desire was to someday have nine women on the court’s highest bench. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was an influential women’s rights champion who rose to become the high court’s second female justice. Ruth was also a cultural phenomenon who earned the moniker: Notorious RBG. The reference was the title of her biography.

“`Joan Ruth Bader was born in Brooklyn in 1933. Her early dream was to become an opera singer.  Ginsburg graduated top of her Columbia University  law school class in 1959, but could not find employment. Being Jewish, female,  and a mother proved to be problematic for the mostly male law firms of the time.       RUTH BADER GINSBURG –>

“`Ruth wed Martin Ginsburg in 1954, the year she graduated from Cornell University. She attended Harvard University’s law school, but transferred to Columbia when her husband took a law job there. Martin went on to become a prominent tax attorney and law professor.

“`As a lawyer, she argued six key cases before the high court in the 1970s when she was an architect of the women’s rights movement. She won five.  Her appointment by President Bill Clinton in 1993 was a first by a Democrat in twenty-six years. Ginsburg found a comfortable ideological home somewhere left of center on a conservative court dominated by Republican appointees. Her liberal voice grew stronger the longer she served.

“`On the court, where she was known as a facile writer. Besides civil rights, Ginsburg took an interest in capital punishment, voting repeatedly to limit its use. She grew to author powerful dissents of her own in cases involving abortion,  voting rights, and pay discrimination against women. Ruth’s goal was to influence future justices of the high court with her points of view. Curiously, here closest colleague was the late Antonin Scalia, her judicial polar opposite.

“`Recently, an award-winning documentary was made about her career.  She was also the subject of a feature film, On the Basis of Sex, which took a dramatic look at her life with Marty as she strived to establish her career.

“`In 1999, Ginsburg was treated for colon cancer.  She had surgery again in 2009 after being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer;  and in December, 2018, for cancerous growths on her left lung. Following the last procedure, she missed court sessions for the first time in over twenty-five years on the bench. Ginsburg also was treated with radiation for a tumor on her pancreas in August 2019. She maintained an active schedule even during the three weeks of radiation. When she revealed the recurrence of her cancer in July 2020, Ginsburg remained fully able to continue as a justice.

“`Before we re-enter the arena of political battle, let us remember this wisp of a woman who became a larger-than-life feminist icon. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was eighty-seven.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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