“Forgotten Hollywood”- A Moment of Silents…

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Manny P. here…

“`Diana Sera Cary was a child star known as Baby Peggy –> in films. She was the last living actor of the Silent Era. As an adult, she became a writer and a movie historian.

“`Peggy was one of three major kid stars of early Hollywood, along with Jackie Coogan and Baby Marie. Between 1921 and 1923, she made over one hundred and fifty two reelers. Due of her earnings, Peggy was dubbed the million dollar baby.

“`She had her own line of endorsed items, such as jewelry, dolls, sheet music, and even milk. As a child, Judy Garland had a Baby Peggy doll. Her likeness appeared on magazine covers and was used in advertisements for businesses and charitable campaigns. She was named an official mascot of the 1924 Democratic Convention in New York. She waved a United States flag next to Franklin Roosevelt.


“`Baby Peggy’s film career was abruptly put on hiatus in 1925 when her dad had a falling out with producer Sol Lesser. She was a successful vaudeville performer over the next four years. The Stock Market Crash wiped out almost all of her family’s income; so, Peggy began working as an extra. She finally retired from acting in 1938.

“`Like the family of Jackie Coogan, Peggy’s parents also mismanaged her funds. Jackie sued his folks, and his efforts led to a governmental implementation of the Coogan Act to protect future children actor’s earnings.

“`As an adult, Cary has worked on numerous books about the early movie industry, celluloid cowboys, and harsh working conditions for child stars in Hollywood. At the end of her own autobiography, she recounts the fates of numerous child stars, including Judy Garland and Shirley Temple. She also advocated for reforms in child performer protection laws.

“`Diana Sera Cary (aka Baby Peggy) as 101.

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