“Forgotten Hollywood”- A Lawsuit On the Fly…

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Manny P. here…

“`The widow of maverick automaker  John DeLorean alleges a Texas company has illegally received money from the Back to the Future  series of films that used his iconic car. The Texas company is named DeLorean Motor Company,  but is not affiliated with the company DeLorean started.

“`The car was featured in the 1985 film, and in the 1989 sequel. Sally DeLorean claims Universal Pictures agreed in 1989 to pay her husband for use of the car’s image. The DeLorean model grew in stature when shuttling Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd to situations in the past and future in movies that were released in 1985, 1989, and 1990.  Rights to use this vehicle’s image extended to gadgets, novelties, apparel, food, books, beverages, games, and toys.

“`Her lawsuit filed in federal court in New Jersey allege the Texas company claims it is owed the money, and received a substantial payment. Sally settled a lawsuit in 2015 allowing it to use the DeLorean name, but she says contractual rights to benefit from the use in the movie were not transferred. Attorneys did not immediately return messages.

“`The Estate is now demanding the money be turned over with a claim of unjust enrichment. When Delorean died in 2005, his estate didn’t have the agreement to enforce rights.

“`Bulletins as they break.

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