“Forgotten Hollywood”- 8 Reasons La La Land Wins 8 Oscars

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Manny P. here…

“`Nominated for a record (14) Academy Awards, La La Land probably will win (8) Oscars. Here are the categories I believe this special musical will be awarded:

  1. Best Score  It’s a most original Musical, mixing jazz with traditional showtunes; and it will beat the wonderful scores offered up by Moonlight and Lion
  2. Best Song – In my estimation, Audition (The Fools Who Dream) delivers more of an impact as a composition; City of Stars is a very singable ditty that has the buzz
  3. Production DesignArrival is the chief competitor. But, I think this production suffers from an enthusiasm gap, which is why Amy Adams was snubbed for Best Actress
  4. Sound MixingHacksaw Ridge should win Sound Editing; Sound Mixing is a category that will honor a film effortlessly combining dialogue and choreography
  5. Film Editing – The trio of vignettes by Moonlight might have earned the film an Oscar. Co-tails are the factor in my choice. Plus, Whiplash won this category, two years ago
  6. Best Director – Damien Chazelle is the correct flavor-of-the-year for realizing his vision, thirteen years in the making
  7. Best Actress – Emma shines during La La Land, as Vivien did in Gone with the Wind. Her deserved competition, Isabelle Huppert / Elle, is poised for an potential upset
  8. Best Picture –  NO movie lost this category with (14) nods (All About Eve – Titanic). Besides, I’ve been right seven of the last eight years (I picked Lincoln over Argo)


“`The reason La La Land loses (6) Oscars:

  • It can’t win twice in the Best Song category
  • Jackie is the prohibitive favorite in the Best Costume category
  • My reference above to Sound Editing for Hacksaw Ridge
  • Cinematography might be awarded to La La Land. However, the thrust of Moonlight’s  beauty is its unique photographic presentation (This one might trade with Film Editing)
  • Ryan Gosling frankly has no chance in the Best Actor category
  • The Academy will secure at least one Oscar for Manchester by the Sea; so, why not Best Original Screenplay


“`The musical pays fitting homage to superb productions, including An American in Paris, Singin’ in the Rain, Rebel Without a Cause, and Casablanca; and motion pictures with  fine jazz scores, such as The Fortune Cookie and Anatomy of a Murder.  If La La Land  garners (9) Academy Awards, and this could happen; it’s the one hedge to my prediction.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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