“Forgotten Hollywood”- Party Like It’s 2001…

March 30th, 2018

Manny P. here… 

“`A non-restored  70mm cinematic print of Stanley Kubrick’s iconic masterpiece, 2001:  A Space Odyssey, returns to select theaters in celebration of the film’s 50th anniversary. Warner Brothers will release the film for home viewing later in the year in 4K resolution.

“`The work will premiere at the Cannes Film Festival on May 12th before its re-release on May 18th. Filmmaker Christopher Nolan will introduce the screening at Cannes, where the members of Kubrick’s family will also be in attendance. Kubrick died in 1999.

“`This production has pioneering technical effects, and it features orchestral music from Richard and Johann Strauss. The film’s title was chosen because it was the first year of a new millennium and the next century; which at the time, seemed a long time coming.

“`The richly eloquent film about space travel and the discovery of artificial intelligence; years prior to Close Encounters of the Third Kind, ET:  The Extra-Terrestrial, and Star Wars, was based on the published 1951 short story The Sentinel. It was written in 1948 by British science fiction author Arthur C. Clarke. The movie was strongly influenced by director George Pal’s Conquest of Space.

“`The non-restored flick, created from the original camera negative, will allow audiences to experience it as they did after the film premiered in 1968. Give ’em Hal !!

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- A Class I Would Like to Teach…

March 29th, 2018

Manny P. here…

“`Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese took time out from post-production duties on his new movie, The Irishman, to help unveil a new program for an educational resource created by  The Film Foundation; a non-profit organization dedicated to movie preservation that he co-founded in 1990. The curriculum is the latest addition to the organization’s ongoing motion picture course The Story of Movies, which aims to teach students how to read the language of cinema in the context of history, art, and society; what my Forgotten Hollywood journey attempts to accomplish.

“`The foundation partners with the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees, and has unveiled a new curriculum created by filmmakers, Hollywood historians, and educators called  Portraits of America:  Democracy on Film. This eight-section course is a free resource for schools and universities. These productions range from Charlie Chaplin’s  The Immigrant; Billy Wilder’s Ace in the Hole; to Martin Scorsese’s, Howard Hughes biopic  The Aviatorand Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth.

“`The titles extend from 1917 to 2006, and include comedies, documentaries, science fiction, animation, drama, historical fiction, independent films, and epic blockbusters. Accompanying the curriculum are a teacher’s guide, power point presentations, and DVD (which can also be streamed) that includes cinematic excerpts and additional material. Offered free of charge to elementary and high schools, Democracy on Film is comprised of eight modules addressing different aspects of the democratic experience, including immigration, labor, Civil Rights, and the press. Within every module… scholars, educators, and filmmakers examines celluloid that reflect American democratic ideals.

“`Our next and future generations of cinematic aficionados might find this effort an essential learning experience. That is my hope.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Roseanne a Ratings Winner…

March 28th, 2018

Manny P. here…

“`Viewers were eager to watch ABC’s reboot of Roseanne, with an estimated 18.4 million tuning in to its return. That’s impressive, given the explosion of alternate platforms after it first debuted, and favorably comparable to other older sitcoms recently revived on network television. Plus, the program remarkably garnered more viewers in the second half hour.

The Cast of ROSEANNE

“`The familiarity of the Conner clan still resonates with audiences on both sides of the political spectrum. That said, the comedy did not shy away from tackling issues that are fresh in 2018. Credit the savvy creators of this time-tested sitcom in assessing how audiences have evolved, three decades later. Roseanne stays blue-collar edgy, while embracing an earthy approach to dinner-table issues. Working class families are diverse, and they certainly appreciated a warm and positive televised profile. Roseanne delivered on that ethos.

“`Fortunately, the original cast appeared in tact. It made this update the most popular return to television nirvana since the Gilligan’s Island movies that followed the original series, and a Star Trek cinematic explosion. The latest reboot supplants the followup of Will and Grace, and precedes the premier of the updated Murphy Brown segments airing this Fall.

“`Politics aside, watching the new episodes of Roseanne made me feel 30-years old again; a truly appreciated quantum leap. The nation agreed…

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Courts Say No…

March 27th, 2018

Manny P. here… 

“`A California court has thrown out a lawsuit by 101-year-old actress Olivia de Havilland against the creators of the FX Networks program  Feud:  Bette and Joan, bringing an abrupt end to a closely-watched case that pitted an individual’s rights to their life and likeness against the rights of artists to be depicted. The 2nd District Court of Appeal in a unanimous decision said First Amendment rights of the screenplay’s creators clearly trump de Havilland’s claim that permission to use her likeness was needed, and she should have been compensated.

“`The judges agreed with FX along with the Motion Picture Association of America and Netflix, which supported the network, that this logic behind de Havilland’s suit would make legal action possible against books, movies, plays and television programs that feature real people. Olivia de Havilland (above), played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, also allege this drama portrayed her in a false light. The panel disagreed, finding that no reasonable viewer would find her characterization offensive; and in fact, most would find it very positive. The jurists also ruled that because de Havilland, whose character is shown in interviews, and acts as a narrator, appears in only 17 minutes of the six-hour limited series, she could not claim that her likeness was essential to the narrative.

“`The Gone with the Wind actress, the only major character portrayed who is still alive, filed the lawsuit in June, and it was expedited because of her age. The trial court rejected a defense motion to throw out the case, and FX appealed that motion, leading to this most recent ruling. The decision cites several works threatened by the logic of de Havilland’s lawsuit, including the film Fruitvale Station and FX’s own The People v. O. J. Simpson; high-end docudramas.

“`A cinematic industry spokesperson also cited the ability to create The Devil Wears Prada, Citizen Kane,  The Social Network, and Hidden Figures might have been compromised if the court decision would have sided with the actress. Another season of Feud has been given the go-ahead, and will focus on the divorce of Prince Charles and Diana Princess of Wales.

“`The judges unanimously ordered the dismissal of the case and ruled that the retired actress must pay FX’s legal fees. Olivia’s lawyer called the ruling a pro-industry decision and that she and de Havilland plan to appeal.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Feats of Clay…

March 26th, 2018

Manny P. here… 

“`Turner Classic Movies  will honor Cicely Tyson with a hand and foot print ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theater in Hollywood during the ninth annual TCM Classic Film Festival on Friday, April 27th. Tyson, an Emmys and Tonys Award winner, and an  Oscars and Golden Globes nominee, has worked in the entertainment industry for over sixty years, and has long been known for both her activism efforts,  and for the dynamic characters she has brought to life in film, television, and theater.                                 CICELY TYSON –>

“`From her acclaimed performance in the groundbreaking Sounder, and work in the seminal television movies, Roots and The Autobiography of Miss Jane Pittman, to award-winning role in the Broadway revival, A Trip to Bountiful, Tyson has been a tireless performer and a champion of civil liberties.  Cicely garnered recognition from industry awards groups and Civil Rights organizations throughout her iconic career;  and has been the recipient of honors from the NAACP and Kennedy Center. In 2016, Tyson was bestowed with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian award.

“`It marks the eighth consecutive year TCM will feature a ceremony at the TCL Chinese Theatre. In 2011, Peter O’Toole was an honoree, Kim Novak in 2012, Jane Fonda in 2013, Jerry Lewis in 2014, Christopher Plummer in 2015, Francis Ford Coppola in 2016, and Carl and Rob Reiner in 2017.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Lorna Luft Out of Surgery…

March 22nd, 2018

Manny P. here… 

“`Lorna Luft has had successful brain surgery after being diagnosed with a tumor. She had the surgery to remove the mass at a hospital in Los Angeles, and expects to be released soon.  LORNA LUFT –>

“`The daughter of Judy Garland, and half-sibling of Liza Minnelli, had collapsed earlier this month backstage after a live concert in London.  Lorna says she plans to reschedule her concerts in Great Britain once she recovers.

“`She made her show business debut on her mother’s television program, The Judy Garland Show in 1963. Most of her career has been on stage, appearing in shows on Broadway and in England. In 2015, Luft toured the United Kingdom in  Judy – The Songbook of Judy Garland, a show highlighting Garland’s life and music. The show featured signature songs and recreations of film scenes from her MGM years.

“`Lorna has sent out thanks to her fans for their support, and also her doctors for taking good care of her. One of her closest friends is Barry Manilow.

“`Luft is also in remission after fighting breast cancer.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- New Author Interview…

March 20th, 2018

Manny P. here…

“`I will appear as a guest on Wednesday at 12p on The Raad Life at OCTalkRadio.net. The interview will cover my journey through Forgotten Hollywood. I also plan on providing stories about my broadcasting career in Southern California.



“`I hope you join me for this hour-long podcast interview. This should be fun. Cut-and-paste on the link to listen in on the chat.


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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Judy in Production…

March 19th, 2018

Manny P. here… 

“`Judy is the biopic of singer and actress, Judy Garland, and her last concerts in London. Renee Zellweger is set to play the legendary star. Principal photography is underway.

“`From Pathé and Calamity FilmsJudy is currently being made by Brit stage director, and Tony nominee, Rupert Goold.  This production is based on a script penned by Tom Edge. Pathé will circulate Judy in the United Kingdom, France, and Switzerland; and handle distribution throughout the world. They will screen a bit of footage during Cannes after shooting March-May.

“`Set in the Winter of 1968, Judy battles with management, charms musicians, and hangs out with friends and adoring fans.  Even her dream of romance seems unfazed, as she embarks on a final courtship. The story features some of Garland’s best-loved songs; celebrating her voice, capacity for love, and pizzazz of the world’s finest live performer. Renee showed off her singing skills in 2002 musical Chicago, for which she was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar.

“`A year later, the veteran actress would be dead.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- May the Irish Be With You…

March 17th, 2018

Manny P. here… 

“`Mark Hamill tweeted that today the whole galaxy is Irish as he appeared as international guest of honor at Dublin’s St. Patrick’s Day parade. Game of Thrones actor Liam Cunningham was the Grand Marshal at Saturday’s parade, attended by Irish President Michael D. Higgins.

“`The Star Wars actor, whose great-grandmother was born in Ireland, was invited to represent the Irish at the parade. Mark spent time on Ireland’s rocky Skellig Michael island filming the most recent Star Wars:  The Last Jedi.

“`Hamill sported a tweed cap, a green scarf and a shamrock sprig as he attended the parade, which sees floats, colorfully clad performers, and marching bands wind their way through the Irish capital. Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar is at New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade.

“`Hamill has been busy, having just received a Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- The Theory of Stephen Hawking…

March 14th, 2018

Manny P. here… 

“`Stephen Hawking was a theoretical physicist, cosmologist, author, and a Director of Research within the University of Cambridge. Hawking has a rare early-onset, slow-progression disease:  Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis  (ALS) that gradually paralyzed him over the decades. He communicated in using a cheek muscle attached to a speech-generating device. His story is shared in The Theory of Everything. Eddie Redmayne won an Oscar for his performance as Hawking.                           STEPHEN HAWKING —>

“`Professor Hawking worked on the basic laws that govern the universe. With Roger Penrose, he surmised that Einstein’s general  Theory of Relativity implied space and time would have a beginning in the Big Bang and an end in black holes. These results indicated it was necessary to unify general relativity with Quantum Theory, the other great scientific development of the first half of the 20th Century. One consequence of such a unification which he discovered was black holes emit radiation, and then, evaporate and disappear. Another of his theories include that the universe has no edge or boundary in imaginary time.

“`Hawking has thirteen honorary degrees. He was awarded CBE, Companion of Honour; and a  Presidential Medal of Freedom. He was also the recipient of many awards, medals, and prizes; most notably the Fundamental Physics prize; Copley Medal; and the Wolf Foundation prize. He was a Fellow of the Royal Society; and a member of the United States National Academy of Sciences and Pontifical Academy of Sciences.

“`For his fellow scientists, it was Hawking’s intuition and wicked sense of humor, making him a stand-out as much as a broken body and synthetic voice that came to symbolize the wealth of possibilities of the human mind. He leaves an intellectual vacuum in a space-time continuum.

“`One bit of irony… The professor was born 300 years exactly to the day after the passing of Galileo. He died on the same day Albert Einstein was born. Stephen Hawking was 76.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Of All the Gin…

March 13th, 2018

Manny P. here…

“`The lives of four little bottles don’t amount to a hill a beans in this crazy world. But, they are the ones Humphrey Bogart would approve as his drink of choice. Here’s looking at you, kid…

“`These are distilled out of a California craft brewery from the Humphrey Bogart Estate and Patron Tequila’s co-founder John Paul DeJoria ROK Spirits. Of all the gin, rum, vodka, and whiskey… in all the towns; in all the world. Smooth in nature; complex in character; abundant in taste; and smartly bottled. Bogart’s is the brand that would have made a film star proud. Quality brew in the spirit of Casablanca. You will enjoy every drop… As Time Goes By.

“`Before Frank Sinatra, Humphrey Bogart was the original center of the legendary Rat Pack. Bogie always said the whole world is three drinks behind.

“`Bogart booze stocked in your bar. Now, that’s cool. Here is a link to check out this product:


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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Phantom Couturier…

March 12th, 2018

Manny P. here…

“`Along with Christian Dior,  Yves Saint Laurent, and his mentor Cristobal Balenciaga, Hubert de Givenchy was part of the elite cadre of Paris-based designers who redefined fashion in the wake of World War II. He was a pioneer of ready-to-wear, who designed for Audrey Hepburn.

“`Couturier Jacques Fath hired Givenchy on the strength of his sketches.  He spent two years developing the basics of fashion design, including sketching, cutting, and fitting haute couture styles. After apprenticing with other top names, Givenchy founded his own house in 1952. His debut collection ushered in the concept of separates — tops and bottoms that could be mixed and matched, as opposed to head-to-toe looks; normal among Paris couture purveyors.

“`A towering man of elegance and impeccable manners, he forged close relationships with his famous clients, from Hollywood screen sirens of the likes of Ingrid Bergman, Marlene Dietrich, Greta Garbo, Elizabeth Taylor, and Lauren Bacall; to women of state, including Jackie Kennedy and Princess Grace of Monaco. Planning to reach a bigger market, Givenchy launched a line of upscale ready-to-wear clothes and accessories.  Success allowed him to become one of only a handful of Paris couturiers to own their own label outright in the 1960s.


“`The client whose name would become synonymous with the designer was Audrey Hepburn, whom he met in 1953, when he dressed her for the romantic comedy, Sabrina. Ironically, he was misinformed, thinking his client might be Katharine Hepburn. Thus began a decades-long friendship. Givenchy stylized the star in a dozen motion pictures, culminating ln the 1961 hit,  Breakfast at Tiffany’s. The sleeveless black evening gown she wore in the movie, complete with rows of pearls,  elbow-length gloves, and over-sized shades, would end up becoming his most famous look. Audrey would also wear Givenchy as well on the red carpet during awards’ seasons.

“`Symbolizing Parisian chic, Hubert de Givenchy was 91.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Gentleman Paul Newman…

March 9th, 2018

Manny P. here…

“`Susan Sarandon, who is promoting her new movie, Bombshell:  The Hedy Lamarr Story, told  BBC 5 Live that Emma Stone admitted she got equitable income because her male stars insisted upon it. She added that it happened to her with Paul Newman at one point, when she did a film with him. He helped bridge the pay inequality between male and female wages, and was known for his political activism. The incident was similar to last year’s Michelle Williams / Mark Wahlberg cash issue during the re-shoot of All the Money in the World.

“`The Hollywood starlet was featured in the 1998 film Twilight with Paul and Gene Hackman when she discovered that both were offered a greater income. Sarandon suggested that her former co-star gave a portion of his salary when finding out they were getting more loot. Sarandon, who received equal billing alongside her male co-stars, alluded Newman and Hackman benefited from a  Favoured Nation clause; the agreement whereby producers ensure actors are given the same terms as their fellow stars. Susan was afforded no such offer.

“`The actress, who just received an Emmy-nomination for her performance as Bette Davis in Feud:  Bette and Joan, additionally told the radio station that unwanted exchanges between starlet and producer needed to vanish. She added that the  Harvey Weinstein’s existing in the industry are despicable, and the casting couch will stay in the film world, much to the chagrin of her peers.

“`Sarandon’s revelations on International Women’s Day are part of the ongoing dialogue about the pay gap in Hollywood between men and women, and movements to curtail institutionalized sexism in the industry.

“`Studio Era stars, such as Paul Newman and Hedy Lamarr, remain unscathed in such a mess. They exude class, even in memory.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Seven Degrees of Education…

March 8th, 2018

Manny P. here…

“`For folks who follow my Forgotten Hollywood blog, you may know that one of my day jobs is an Adjunct Faculty member at  Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA. I am a professor in Radio Broadcasting classes.

“`A talented alum, Rick Baker, who attended Mt. SAC as an Art student from 1969 to 1971, won the very first Oscar for Best Makeup and Hairstyling; the initial year it was awarded in 1982, for his work in An American Werewolf in London. He has received a record seven Academy Awards for his efforts on  Harry and the Hendersons, The Nutty Professor, Men in BlackEd WoodHow the Grinch Stole Christmas and The Wolfman remake.


RICK BAKER                         BORIS KARLOFF        JACK PIERCE     

“`He also won a BAFTA and an Emmy. In 2009, he won the Jack Pierce Lifetime Achievement Award. Pierce was the iconic creator of Universal Studios monsters of the 1930s and 1940s.

“`An innovator in makeup effects for television, Baker went on to serve as an artist makeup assistant on  The Exorcist, which helped him prepare for a career providing award-winning makeup effects in many movie genres from comedy, to science fiction and horror films. Rick created the Michael Jackson creature transformation in the music video Thriller. His special makeup effects include using foam, latex and gel applications to create cutting-edge images for celluloid.

“`Mt. SAC recognized Baker in 1997 with a George H. Bell Award for Outstanding Alumnus at the 19th Annual Friends of the College Awards Program in 1997. Rick has visually changed the face of American cinema.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Archie’s Passage to India…

March 7th, 2018

Manny P. here… 

“`Archie, Jughead, Betty and Veronica are making a road trip from fictional Riverdale. They are headed to Bollywood. Archie Comics and Graphic India say they’re teaming up to create a Bollywood-style live-action production, which re-imagines American suburban perpetual teen icons as Indian characters.

“`Graphic India spokesperson Sharad Devarajan says that Archie Comics have long been embraced by Indians. Immersing them fully into the Bollywood experience is a different new twist of this long-standing franchise.

“`The freckle-faced Archie first appeared in comic form in 1941, and he went on to become an representative of wholesome teen angst. The characters are currently part of The CW’s series Riverdale.

“`The companies are touting the upcoming film as the first international comic book character to be translated for Indian screens. No release date was announced.

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