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Manny P. here…

“`Susan Sarandon, who is promoting her new movie, Bombshell:  The Hedy Lamarr Story, told  BBC 5 Live that Emma Stone admitted she got equitable income because her male stars insisted upon it. She added that it happened to her with Paul Newman at one point, when she did a film with him. He helped bridge the pay inequality between male and female wages, and was known for his political activism. The incident was similar to last year’s Michelle Williams / Mark Wahlberg cash issue during the re-shoot of All the Money in the World.

“`The Hollywood starlet was featured in the 1998 film Twilight with Paul and Gene Hackman when she discovered that both were offered a greater income. Sarandon suggested that her former co-star gave a portion of his salary when finding out they were getting more loot. Sarandon, who received equal billing alongside her male co-stars, alluded Newman and Hackman benefited from a  Favoured Nation clause; the agreement whereby producers ensure actors are given the same terms as their fellow stars. Susan was afforded no such offer.

“`The actress, who just received an Emmy-nomination for her performance as Bette Davis in Feud:  Bette and Joan, additionally told the radio station that unwanted exchanges between starlet and producer needed to vanish. She added that the  Harvey Weinstein’s existing in the industry are despicable, and the casting couch will stay in the film world, much to the chagrin of her peers.

“`Sarandon’s revelations on International Women’s Day are part of the ongoing dialogue about the pay gap in Hollywood between men and women, and movements to curtail institutionalized sexism in the industry.

“`Studio Era stars, such as Paul Newman and Hedy Lamarr, remain unscathed in such a mess. They exude class, even in memory.

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