“Forgotten Hollywood”- An Extra Spoonful of Sugar…

May 31st, 2016

Manny P. here…

   Walt Disney Studios announced that Into the Woods star Emily Blunt would be taking over the part of Mary Poppins in a sequel to the 1964 classic film. She was said to be the producers’ first choice. Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda will also star as a new character, Jack, the street lamplighter. The film, titled Mary Poppins Returns, will center on a now-grown Michael Banks and his three children in the aftermath of a tragedy, and the help they receive from Poppins and Jack in 1930s London.

   Rob Marshall, who worked with Blunt on the film version of the Stephen Sondheim musical Into the Woods, will direct, while the script will be written by Finding Neverland writer David Magee. Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, who won a Tony Award for Hairspray, have been enlisted to write the songs.

poppins 2   When the remake was first announced last year, Marshall said the film would not be based on the 1964 musical, which famously starred Julie Andrews. Instead, it will take its story from the seven previously unadapted books Mary Poppins’ creator P.L. Travers wrote about the magical nanny. Travers disliked the famous film, which took some liberties with her original book, for instance turning the character of Mrs Banks into a suffragette. Nevertheless, it grossed $100m, won five Oscars, and became a children’s classic.

   The new film is scheduled to hit theaters on Christmas, 2018.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Transylvania Honor For Sophia Loren

May 30th, 2016

Manny P. here…

sophia_lorent   Screen legend Sophia Loren will receive a Lifetime Achievement Award next week at Romania’s Transylvania International Film Festival. The Italian star, whose career spans six decades, will be honored June 4th at the closing gala in Cluj during her first-ever visit to the Eastern European country.                           SOPHIA LOREN —->

   The actress recently toured the United States with An Evening With Sophie Loren, which recounted her childhood in war-time Naples, the beauty contest she won at the age of 14, and her spectacular career in film. She has received a multitude of honors, including an Academy Award for her dramatic role in Two Women in 1961. Loren starred in over 100 films during her career, and worked with such acclaimed directors as Vittorio de Sica, George Cukor, Charlie Chaplin, and Robert Altman.

   In 1991, Loren was honored by the American Film Academy with a Lifetime Achievement Award; and in 1999, she was recognized by the American Film Institute as a screen legend of Hollywood’s Golden Age. More recently, the actress had a shade of lipstick named for her, and she also appeared in a Dolce & Gabbana commercial for a new fragrance.

   Other cinematic stars celebrated at the Transylvania fest in recent years have included Claudia Cardinale, Vanessa Redgrave, Catherine Deneuve, and Geraldine Chaplin.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- The 2016 Literacy Tour (Update)…

May 29th, 2016

Manny P. here…

   I’m proud to announce I’m kicking off the Forgotten Hollywood Literacy Tour beginning in June. This is an opportunity to present Americana and Hollywood history to readers all over Southern California, and is possible with support of the County of Los Angeles Public Library system. This extensive tour continues through the end of the year. Planned branch visits include:

LA COUNTY LOGO      crc-name-graphic


~ Clifton Brakensiek Library – Bellflower:  June 21st, Tuesday 6p – 7:30p

~ East L.A. Library – Chicano Resource Center:  June 23rd, Thursday 6p – 8p

~ Huntington Park Library:  June 25th, Saturday 10a – 12p

~ West Covina Library:  July 11th, Monday 5:30p – 7:30p

~ Temple City Library:  July 13th, Wednesday 6p – 7:30p

~ San Gabriel Library:  July 20th, Wednesday 4p – 5:30p

~ El Camino Real Real Library:  July 30th, Saturday 1p – 3p

~ Lloyd Taber – Marina Del Rey Library:  August 20th, Saturday 1p – 3p

~ Montebello Library:  September 20th, Tuesday 6p – 7:30p

~ Bell Library:  September 27th, Tuesday 4p – 5:30p

~ Louis J. Heine – Lynwood Library:  October 4th, Tuesday 6p – 7:30p

~ Duarte Library:  October 8th, Saturday 1p – 3p

~ Pico Rivera Library:  October 11th, Tuesday 6p – 7:30p

~ Compton Library:  October 15th, Saturday 1p – 3p

~ Westlake Village Library: November 1st, Tuesday 6p – 7:30p


Forgotten Hollywood cover   FINALfrontcover-sonofforgottenhol

   Each visit includes an oral presentation and a screening of the Forgotten Hollywood Documentary trailer, featuring Oscar-winning actresses: Debbie Reynolds and Margaret O’Brien; and narrated by Emmy-winner Jeff Bordner. Also, pick up autographed copies of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History and Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History.

   Stop by, if you live close to one of these cherished repositories.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- TCM Adds a New Host…

May 28th, 2016

Manny P. here… TiffanyVazquezHeadshot

   Turner Classic Movies is hoping to draw in a new generation of potential viewers through the millennial, Tiffany Vazquez (right), who was named host of the network’s Saturday daytime block. She joined TCM in May 2016, becoming just the third host in the network’s history, and the first female and person-of-color to be hired.

   Born in Bronx, New York and raised in Queens, Vazquez holds two graduate degrees, one from Saint John’s University in international communications, and the other from New York University in cinema studies having interned at the Film Society of Lincoln Center. She became a fan of classic cinema after watching It Happened One Night. It sparked an interest for the 29-year-old in the genre of Screwball Comedy of the 1930s.

TCM_website_logo   In 2014, Vazquez entered and won TCM’s 20th Anniversary Ultimate Fan Contest, flying to Atlanta to introduce a film of her choice on-air with Robert Osborne. In 2015, Vazquez hosted TCM’s December Spotlight on Girlfriends in the Movies, and was tapped to be a roving reporter at the 2016 TCM Classic Film Festival.

    Vazquez currently works for GIPHY, the world’s largest search engine for GIFs, as a senior editor in charge of all film content. Vazquez resides in New York City. She officially debuts on TCM on June 4th.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- I’m Craving a Bun Taco…

May 26th, 2016

Manny P. here…

   Naugles, the predecessor of Del Taco, is opening a new location in Huntington Beach this Memorial Day Weekend; their first in Southern California since the last locale closed or converted in 1992. The taco and burger chain once boasted a staggering 225 locations, and is now poised to make its triumphant return. Locals may have noticed that finishing touches are being applied to the building in preparation of Saturday’s grand opening.

   The new restaurant will be located across the street from the Hilton Waterfront Beach Resort on PCH. It will feature classic Naugles favorites, including bun taco, taco salad cup,  and Naugleburger. I also hope they bring back milk in a cup!


naugles   menu

   According to the Naugles press release:

This latest spot will open Memorial Day weekend and feature the original Naugles menu. Founded by Dick Naugle in 1970, the popular chain was merged with Del Taco and eventually phased out in the early 90s. Christian Ziebarth has led the rebirth of the brand, opening a Fountain Valley test kitchen in July 2015. The partnership with The Waterfront for the new beachside location is the first of many planned restaurants to open across Southern California and beyond.

Waterfront/ Huntington Beach Location
21351 Pacific Coast Highway
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

   Now, how ’bout that bun taco…

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- The Italian Sensation…

May 25th, 2016

Manny P. here…

anna magnani   Before Sophia Loren, Anna Magnani’s blend of fiery passion, earthy humor, and unvarnished naturalism made her the sex symbol of postwar Italian cinema. Becoming an international superstar through her indelible turn in Roberto Rossellini’s Rome Open City, she represented something new to audiences accustomed to movie-star glamour: gritty realism.

   During her career, Anna was one of the most esteemed performers in cinema. The Film Society of Lincoln Center is currently presenting La Magnani, a 24-title retrospective of her greatest work. All of the titles will be screened on 35mm or 16mm.

anna 2   Born in 1908, Anna Magnani (right) grew up in Rome, where she worked on stage and as a nightclub singer, before making her splashy cinematic debut. In an illustrious career, Anna  gave powerhouse performances for directors like Rossellini, Luchino Visconti, Federico Fellini, Pier Paolo Pasolini, Sidney Lumet, George Cukor, and Jean Renoir, who said of Magnani: She is probably the greatest actress I have ever worked with. She is the complete animal—an animal created completely for the stage and screen. In Hollywood, her collaborators included Tennessee Williams, Burt Lancaster, and Marlon Brando. Magnani won an Academy Award for her starring turn in The Rose Tattoo.

   Equally adept at drama and comedy, she could harness her explosive emotional intensity to move an audience to laughter, tears, or both, at once. Her devotion to roles meant that she could be careless about her looks in ways that would horrify mainstream actresses. Anna’s characters were physical, fully aware of their sexual desires and appeal. And, her wardrobe resonated with the common woman, making her a fashion icon of the 1950s. In many ways, she was the anti-Audrey Hepburn. And, she influenced the later works of Simone Signoret, Wendy Hiller, and Patricia Neal; and all delivered Oscar-winning performances for their earthy efforts.

Film Society of Lincoln Center   After the series ends on June 1st at the Lincoln Center Film Society, it will tour the country, playing at the Gene Siskel Film Center in Chicago, Castro Theatre in San Francisco, Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive, Museum of Fine Arts in Houston, and The Wexner Center in Columbus. Special thanks to Istituto Luce Cinecittà; Ministry of Culture of Italy; UCLA Film & Television Archive; Academy Film Archive.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- A Treasure of the Orient…

May 24th, 2016

Manny P. here…

   Burt Kwouk was best known for playing Cato Fong in the Pink Panther series of films. The actor also appeared in three James Bond movies: Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice, and Casino Royale. He was born in Manchester, England, but grew up in Shanghai.

   He is most recognizable for his big-screen role as Inspector Clouseau’s inept manservant, first cast in 1964 in A Shot in the Dark. The character became a hit with fans as their quirky friendship of servant, and sometimes attacker, developed. A  running gag throughout the films was marital arts specialist Cato would attack Clouseau at random, and often inopportune moments, to keep him on guard. During each production, actor Herbert Lom, best known for playing the hysterically-twitching Chief Inspector Charles Dreyfus, remained his closest friend. Kwouk continued in the role following the death of Clouseau actor Peter Sellers in 1980. He last appeared as Cato in 1993.


PETER SELLERS                                     BURT KWOUK

   Kwouk’s big break in cinema began with The Inn of the Sixth Happiness. He also had a roles in Rollerball and Empire of the Sun. Curiously, Burt was the Asian narrator in the film trailer for Monty Python and the Holy Grail. On television, he guest-starred in The Saint and The Avengers. A British subject, he was honored with an OBE for his Services to Drama in the 2011 New Year’s Honours list.

   He often noted that his silly martial arts antics were a satirical homage to Bruce Lee and others in the cinematic genre. The comically sinister Burt Kwouk was 85.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Golden Age of East Los Angeles…

May 22nd, 2016

Manny P. here…

   As I prepare for an appearance at the Chicano Resource Center at East Los Angeles Library on June 23rd, I recently discovered historic images of the community from the 1930s through the 1970s. The entire California Light and Sound collection is part of the County of Los Angeles Public Library’s, California Audio-Visual Preservation Project.

LA COUNTY LOGO   CALightSoundLogoColor

   Among the photos I found were nostalgic shots from the iconic Strand Theatre of Boris Karloff, and Our Gang stars Darla Hood and Carl Alfalfa Switzer (an actor featured in Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History):

boris karloff   our gang

        BORIS KARLOFF                                                     DARLA HOOD   CARL SWITZER


   Surprisingly, I found a beautiful shot of my mom, Margaret Zozaya Pacheco, which was her Garfield High School class photo; and my dad, Manuel Pacheco, as a toddler with my grandmother Sotera Parra and my uncle Robert Pacheco. There are additional pictures of my grandma, as well as, my aunts Virginia, Natalie, and Dolores. (various photos below)

 my mom - garfield high school   Pop -2

mama sotera   mama sotera vacation   Parra sisters

   These photographs were provided by my cousin Richard Armendariz for inclusion in the Foto East L.A. collection. How wonderful that my extended family are an integral part of a visual retrospective to be enjoyed by all who love the preservation of local history. I am proud of this amazing legacy. For a complete look, click (or copy-and-paste) the following link:


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“Forgotten Hollywood”- The Wilbur Post…

May 20th, 2016

Manny P. here…

   Actor Alan Young played the amiable straight man to a talking horse in the 1960s sitcom Mister Ed. The golden Palomino spoke only to his owner, Wilbur Post. Cowboy star Allan Rocky Lane supplied Mr. Ed’s voice. Fans enjoyed the horse’s deep, droll voice (WIL-bur-r-r-r-r), and the goofy theme song lyrics (A horse is a horse, of course…).

   A variation on the Francis the Talking Mule movies of the 1950s, Mister Ed was one of the few network series to begin in syndication. After six months, it moved to ABC in October, 1961, and lasted four seasons. It was one of a number of situation comedies during the early to mid-1960s that added similar elements, including My Mother the Car, in which a man’s dead mother spoke to him through an old car. An eclectic group of celebrities, such as Clint Eastwood, Mae West, and baseball great Sandy Koufax made guest appearances on the show.

   Young was already a well-known radio and television comedian, having starred in his own Emmy-winning variety show, when Mister Ed was being readied at comedian George Burns’ production company. His low-key style first attracted a wide audience in 1944 on ABC radio with The Alan Young Show. In 1950, he decided to move his radio program to the small screen. Young eventually guest-starred General Electric Theater, The Steve Allen Show, Studio OneThe Love Boat, Murder She Wrote, St. Elsewhere, Coach, and ER.  Young began writing for and voicing cartoons. He portrayed Scrooge McDuck in the Disney series Duck Tales, and did voice-overs for The Great Mouse Detective.

   Early films such as Margie and Mr. Belvedere Goes to College did poorly. Later, Young also appeared in Tom Thumb, Gentlemen Marry Brunettes, The Cat from Outer Space, and memorably, in The Time Machine; the latter, the iconic 1960 sci-fi classic. Howard Hughes, who had seen him on television, hired Alan for the lead in a motion picture version of Androcles and the Lion, a comedy based on the George Bernard Shaw play. Young also had a small part in Beverly Hills Cop III.

   The understated Alan Young was 96.


   One week after retiring from 60 Minutes, Morley Safer has died.  In many ways, the investigative reporter was the final CBS News link to the legendary Ed Murrow. Last week, I wrote a comprehensive blog that chronicled Safer’s career. Let me offer additional insight…

   Safer was the longest-serving correspondent on the show, and one week into his retirement, accolades poured in, highlighted by a television special that recapped his career. In the comfort of his living room, Morley enjoyed this momentous edition of 60 Minutes; in many ways, a fitting eulogy.



   His small-screen legacy includes: A seminal commentary on the misconduct of American involvement in Vietnam; shooting pool with Jackie Gleason on-screen, (and the reporter almost won the challenge); a rare presumptive look at the secretive Vatican Library; and his savvy, self-deprecating interviews of Katharine Hepburn, Betty Ford, Meryl Streep, the wife of Bernie Madoff, and Helen Mirren (with the British star’s flirtatious invitation that they do the interview together in the buff); and so much more…

   Morley Safer, a sage chronicler of the offbeat, who contributed wit and worldliness from the CBS Sunday night news flagship for almost 50 years, was 84.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- The Quiet Man Set Tour in Ireland…

May 17th, 2016

Manny P. here…

quietman2   In 1951, John Ford’s personal favorite movie, The Quiet Man, starring John Wayne, Maureen O’Hara, Ward Bond, Victor McLaglen, and Barry Fitzgerald, was made. It was set in Ireland with filming centered in the village of Cong on the Mayo-Galway border.

   The Quiet Man Cottage Museum is a novel concept, which will give the visitor a total Quiet Man experience as if you were actually on-set. Located by the river at Circular Road, Cong, between the actual locations used for the filming, the ground floor of the cottage has been designed as an exact replica of White-o-Mornin’ Cottage.

   Painstaking effort has ensured all the furnishings, artifacts, costumes, etc., are all verified authentic reproductions. The four poster bed and the tables and chairs which Mary Kate cherished, the thatched roof, emerald green half door, and white washed front combine to charm all those who visit.

   The Quiet Man Cottage Museum is a must for any Quiet Man enthusiasts, or even those wishing to visit a typical Irish cottage of the 1920s. Experience this unique journey into the past, including:

  • Audio Visual Presentation
  • Souvenirs
  • Guide to Locations / Historical Sites

   The Wayne family visited the Quiet Man Cottage Museum, part of Museums of Mayo… So can you!

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- The Final Letter of Transit…

May 16th, 2016

Manny P. here… lebeau

   Madeleine Lebeau was the last living co-star of the 1942 Oscar winning classic Casablanca. Lebeau had a special interest in the motion picture, as she and her husband, actor Marcel Dalio, who also appears in the movie, had fled Paris as the Nazis marched in. Portraying a woman jilted by Humphrey Bogart’s character Rick Blaine, her tearful image singing the French national anthem, in closeup, is one of the movie’s many emotionally stirring moments. Madeleine Lebeau (right) would later state that her tears were real.

   The French-born Lebeau made her Hollywood movie debut supporting Olivia de Havilland in Hold Back the Dawn. She later appeared in the Errol Flynn movie Gentleman Jim. It was then that she was signed to appear in Casablanca.

   Dalio and Lebeau divorced in 1942 and Warner Brothers cancelled her contract. Lebeau appeared in a few more American movies, then returned to France after World War II, where she resumed her film career. She later married Tulio Panelli, one of the writers of Federico Fellini’s 8 ½, in which Lebeau appears. They remained married until Panelli’s death in 2009 at age 100.

   Despite make over 20 movies, Lebeau remained best known for Casablanca. With the passing of Joy Page in 2008, she became that film’s only living credited actor. The death of Frank Mazzola last year, who had an uncredited role as a Moroccan boy, left her as the cast member left alive from the movie. Now, they are all gone.

   Madeleine Lebeau was 92. Here’s looking at you, kid…

———————————————- ——————————– LA COUNTY LOGO

   The County of Los Angeles Public Library system, where I’ll begin my impending Literacy Tour in June, has just added Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History to two of their Southern California branches. Pico Rivera and Leland R. Weaver (South Gate) are the 48th and 49th repositories to house my paperback. The number of libraries that carry my entire Forgotten Hollywood Book Series has reached 110 locations, all over the globe.

   For a complete list of County of Los Angeles Public Library tour stops, please scroll down below. You are definitely invited to stop by!

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- Julius La Rosa has Died…

May 15th, 2016

Manny P. here…

Julius_la_rosa_1957   Julius La Rosa was a pop singing crooner known for hits, including Eh Cumpari, whose firing live on the air by Arthur Godfrey in 1953 overshadowed his successes that followed. La Rosa, a native of Brooklyn, was in the Navy when Godfrey heard him sing and invited him to appear on his CBS television show. Godfrey also urged him to come back after his discharge. La Rosa became a star of Godfrey’s show from 1951 to 1953.

   However, his growing popularity annoyed Godfrey. On October 19th, 1953, La Rosa was ready to begin the television portion of Arthur’s program, but was kept waiting backstage until the final minutes of the radio-only part of the show. After singing Manhattan, La Rosa and the audience heard Godfrey precede his sign-off by saying, That was Julie’s swan song with us. Godfrey said he fired him because he lacked humility, and because he had hired an agent. The public response was swift and deliberate. The LaRosa incident remained a controversial decision that swirled around Godfrey, and it gradually destroyed his folksy image.                                                           JULIUS LA ROSA

   The public firing actually boosted La Rosa’s career for a while. He served as the summer replacement on Perry Como’s television show in 1955. He also appeared on numerous other variety shows in the 1950s and 1960s, including Ed Sullivan’s Toast of the Town and The Merv Griffin Show. He starred in the 1958 film Let’s Rock. La Rosa appeared on a range of television shows, such as The HoneymoonersWhat’s My Line, The Polly Bergen Show  (two episodes, including the 1957 premiere), and Laverne & Shirley. Julius received a Daytime Emmy nod in 1980 for Best Supporting Actor for his role on Another World.

   He has also been a frequent contributor to comedian Jerry Lewis’s annual marathon Labor Day telethon for the Muscular Dystrophy Association, often hosting the New York outpost of the program. He was also a disc jockey on WNEW-AM in New York.

   Despite his rift with Arthur Godfrey that remained over the course of his life, La Rosa tired of revisiting the affair, declared  publicly Godfrey was in fact the one individual who made his career.

   Julius La Rosa was 86.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- A Universal Retrospective…

May 14th, 2016

Manny P. here…

   The Museum of Modern Art in Midtown Manhattan is known for extraordinary exhibitions and collection of modern and classic items. Founded in 1929 as an educational institution, it’s dedicated as the foremost modern art museum in the world. Through Wednesday, June 15th, MoMA is presenting Universal Pictures: Restorations and Retrospectives 1928-1937.

image006211   Founded in 1912 by German immigrant Carl Laemmle, Universal Pictures remains among the powerhouses of the American entertainment industry. This series focuses on one segment of the studio’s rich history — the period from 1928 to 1936, when the studio’s head of production was the founder’s son, Carl Laemmle Jr. The younger Laemmle was an ambitious, risk-taking producer, who gambled the studio’s finances on a series of challenging projects — and eventually lost. When cost overruns on the 1936 Show Boat forced the studio into the hands of its creditors, the Laemmle Era came to an end.

   Brief as it was, that era yielded an extraordinary number of important films, including such celebrated classics as DraculaFrankenstein, and All Quiet on the Western Front. This program concentrates on lesser-known work, much of it with a distinctively European flavor, provided by Universal’s many émigré directors, including James Whale (with 1933’s sublime The Kiss Before the Mirror); Paul Fejos (a major new restoration of the 1929 Broadway); and William Wyler (a Laemmle relative himself, represented by the Ibsenesque drama A House Dividedand the comedy The Good Fairy). At a time when other studios seemed bent on standardizing their product for sound, Universal gave free rein to such distinctive stylists as John Stahl (represented by Only Yesterday); the irrepressible Tay Garnett (Okay America); and the ferociously creative Edward L. Cahn (here with three films, including the recently rediscovered 1933 masterwork Laughter in Hell). John Ford is also on hand (Air Mail)

88735_A5_Yellow_Vinyl_Bag   The series opens with the revival premiere of the musical King of Jazz, shown in its full-length version for the first time since the 1930s, with its two-color Technicolor returned to its full glory by Universal’s new digital restoration unit.

   For ordering tickets to upcoming screenings at MoMA, click (or cut-and-paste) on the link below:


—————————————————— vera

   Beth Howland (right) was the actress best known for her role as a ditzy waitress on the 1970s and 1980s CBS sitcom Alice. The sitcom was based on the 1974 Martin Scorsese film, Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore. Howland earned four Golden Globe nominations during the comedy’s 1976-1985 run for her performance

   She made her stage debut in the Carol Burnett vehicle, Once Upon a Mattress. At 16, she landed a role on Broadway alongside Dick Van Dyke in Bye Bye Birdie. CBS noticed Howland on stage in the 1970 production of Company and brought her to Hollywood for a bit part on The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Small roles on The Love Boat, Love American Style, Fantasy Island, Cannon, and Little House on the Prairie followed. After Alice, she largely disappeared from television, aside from parts in Eight is Enough, Murder She Wrote and Sabrina the Teenage Witch. At one time, Beth was married to actor Michael J. Pollard.

   Beth Howland was 74.

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“Forgotten Hollywood”- CBS Legend Retiring…

May 11th, 2016

Manny P. here…

cbs   CBS News veteran Morley Safer, a 60 Minutes correspondent for all but two of the news magazine’s 48-year history, is retiring from television. The network will mark the occasion with an hour-long special on his career on Sunday after a regular 7p edition of the program. This will be must-see television.

   The Toronto-born Safer was the first Saigon bureau chief for CBS News, and his 1965 report on US Marines burning the Vietnamese village of Cam Ne was a turning point in attitudes toward the war. The 12-time Emmy-winner broadcast a report from inside China when it was still largely a closed society in 1967, and, as a Canadian Broadcast Corp. reporter, he witnessed the building of the Berlin Wall in Germany in 1961. He was a London bureau chief for CBS News in the late 1960s before joining 60 Minutes.

30_morelysafer-color.w702.h702   Safer’s first report on the news magazine in 1970 was about the training of sky marshals. His 919th, and last, a profile of Danish architect Bjarke Ingels, was broadcast in March. Morley Safer remains a living link to the show’s combustible glory years with founding executive Don Hewitt, correspondent Mike Wallace and humorist Andy Rooney, when 60 Minutes was often the most-watched show on television.

   His departure leaves Steve Kroft and Lesley Stahl as the senior correspondents on the news magazine, still a fixture on CBS’ schedule Sundays at 7p. At 84, and dealing with health issues, Safer had cut back on work in recent years, and was seen in a wheelchair at fellow correspondent Bob Simon’s funeral last year.               MORLEY SAFER ——>


Until next time>                             “never forgot”

“Forgotten Hollywood”- The Passing of William Schallert…

May 9th, 2016

Manny P. here…

   William Schallert was very familiar on the big screen and on television. He’s best known for playing Patty Duke’s dad on The Patty Duke Show. He also served as the president of the Screen Actor’s Guild from 1979 – 1981. As with other character actors with long careers, Bill Schallert’s face was more recognizable than his name.



   He began acting at USC; and in 1946, co-founded the Circle Theatre with Charlie Chaplin’s son. The comedian directed Schallert in a stage production of Rain in 1948. Bill also took on all sorts of film assignments, including Mighty Joe Young, The Red Badge of Courage, Them!, The Gallant HoursThe Incredible Shrinking Man, The Story of Mankind, Pillow Talk, Hour of the Gun, In the Heat of the NightWill PennyCharlie Varrick, Lonely are the BraveThe Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, and Twilight Zone: The Movie.

   Schallert really shined on the small screen, guest-starring in Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Zorro, Hazel, Father Knows Best, Have Gun Will Travel, The Donna Reed Show, Rawhide, Leave it to Beaver, Maverick, The Many Loves of Dobie GillisPeter Gunn, The Twilight ZonePerry MasonThe RiflemanCombat!The Andy Griffith Show, Bonanza, The VirginianThe Dick Van Dyke Show, The Rat Patrol, Bewitched, GunsmokeHawaii 5-0, The Wild Wild West, Star Trek, Room 222The Lucy Show, Get SmartThe Six Million Dollar Man, The Partridge Family, Mission: Impossible, Love American Style, The Walton’sLittle House on the Prairie, The Mod Squad, Archie Bunker’s Place, Quincy M.E.Lou GrantQuantum Leap, and a whole lot more.

schallert   During Schallert’s tenure as SAG President, he founded the Committee for Performers with Disabilities, and in 1993, he was awarded the Ralph Morgan Award for service to the Guild. He also as a Trustee of the SAG Pension and Health Plans since 1983, and of the Motion Picture and Television Fund since 1977. In 2010, Schallert made a series of Public Service videos with Patty Duke for the Social Security Administration.   WILLIAM SCHALLERT –>

   The durable William Schallert was 93

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