“Forgotten Hollywood” – World War II in Color…

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Manny P. here>

   The History Channel is presenting WW II in HD. It’s a ten part series with seldom seen or recently found footage in color that chronicles history the way it was actually viewed from those who lived it during 1941-1945.2179101823_5625b3fe07_o

   Black and white footage shot overseas was inexpensive, which was the way it was shown back in the states through newspaper photos and newsreels. For those of us who were born after, we also learned about the war in black and white from school books and at local libraries. This is all we knew…


   This documentary in color is stark, grim,  inspiring, and extraordinarily realistic from the point of view of the soldier, the correspondent, and our enemies during the two campaigns on both oceans and over four continents. I actually feel like I am in battle with our soldiers by the poignant stories recalled. I understand why war itself is never noble, but at times a necessary evil that must be fought. I salute our troops (past and present) for defending our country and experiencing “Hell on Earth.”

   I’ve been riveted to my television all week. Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History presents seldom told stories of the Allied fight throughout the book; my tribute to our men in uniform. Freedom must be protected…

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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