“Forgotten Hollywood”- Wikipedia Uses My Book as a Source!

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   I’m thrilled to discover that WIKIPEDIA has actually cited Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History as a matter of Reference for one of their pages. This action further validates the info I provide in my book. I can additionally surmise that an employee of this online organization may have actually read my words.

Rochester_&_camel   The subject of the web page is Eddie “Rochester” Anderson, the fine comedian who was featured on the Jack Benny Program on radio, and later, on television. The African-American actor also appeared in over sixty films in his career (including Gone with the Wind), which is the exact quote cited by WIKIPEDIA. The article also shares Eddie Anderson’s tearful reaction to Jack Benny’s death as I described in Chapter Eleven of my paperback.

   The site is the most comprehensive source for info on your personal computer. Using Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History twice as a reference is an honor.

   Here is the link to the web page (my work is cited as #23 in the Reference section):



Until next time>                               “never forget”

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