“Forgotten Hollywood”- Warner Bros. Tour is Hidden Treasure!

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   Mogul Carl Laemmle created the Movie Backlot tour around 1915 at Universal Studios. Back in the day, you would start out at the commissary and get the seldom-told stories about the pictures of Hollywood’s Golden Age. You might actually stroll around the sets of motion pictures as Psycho. Today, the tram ride that evolved in 1964 feels like an amusement park excursion.

warner brothers_viptour1   GOOD NEWS! Warner Brothers offers the kind of adventure that was popular during the Studio Era. Located at 4000 Warner Blvd. in Burbank, a VIP Tour will give you a complete feel of what it was like to mingle with their stars of yesteryear. Their tram is more like a golf cart and it moves at a casual pace. You can also ask substantive questions from your friendly guide about the history of this iconic film studio and get the appropriate answers. Among the tour highlights:

* A 15-minute visual retrospective taking you back to the historic The Jazz Singer

* The forest where Errol Flynn scampered during The Adventures of Robin Hood

* A French street where Rick first told Ilsa: Here’s looking at you, kid in Casablanca

* The jungle used during the 1932 version of Tarzan with Johnny Weismuller

* The actual street that Robert Preston sang Ya Got Trouble from The Music Man

* High Sierra, Yankee Doodle Dandy, King’s Row, Damn Yankees, My Fair Lady sets

* Location sets from The Waltons, Bonanza, Fantasy Island, and The Dukes of Hazzard

Warner_Brother_Studios_from_The_Petrified_Forest_film_trailer   They also have a Museum with artifacts like the actual Maltese Falcon, and Sam’s Piano from Casablanca. And Spanish-speaking tours are available (Se Habla Espanol).

   Recent cinematic releases and television programs are also discussed. The tour is very affordable… just $49 per person (10 years of age or older). You can visit Warner Brothers, Monday-Friday, 8:20am-4pm. The VIP Tours run continuously. And now, they have limited Saturday times for the Summer. Pamper yourself with this two hour jaunt.

   For the classic movie buff, this is the exact nostalgic thrill ride you’ll want to experience!

Until next time>                                “never forget”

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