“Forgotten Hollywood”- Rock Hudson’s Public Confession…

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Manny P. here…

   Nine weeks before his death by complications from AIDS on October 2nd, 1985, Rock Hudson was in France trying to get treatment not available in the United States. But, Nancy Reagan refused his request for the White House to help.

   When Hudson collapsed on July 21, 1985, shortly after arriving in Paris, he was admitted to the American Hospital. He wanted to see Dr. Dominique Dormant, the French army doctor who had been working on experimental AIDS treatment HPA-23, and who had secretly treated the actor months after his diagnosis. Dormant, however, couldn’t get Hudson transferred to the military hospital. So, over the next 10 days—as the public first became aware that Hudson was gay and had AIDS—his team made a number of desperate attempts to get help, including sending a telegram to the White House.



   Hudson was friendly with then-president Ronald Reagan from their acting days. The July 24th telegram pleaded with the White House to request that the commanding officer reconsider admitting the star to the military hospital. The Reagan staffer who received the telegram spoke with Nancy Reagan. However, he recommended she refer the issue to the US Embassy in France because the Reagans were very conscious of not making exceptions for people just because they were friends of theirs, or celebrities. She agreed, and though her husband called Hudson to wish him well, the official response was that Nancy Reagan did not feel this was something the White House should get into. Dormant was eventually able to treat Hudson, but his condition was too advanced.

   Today, the former First Lady simply does not recall the incident in question. It’s generally regarded that the publicity generated by Rock Hudson and Magic Johnson’s illness has led to medical advancements in the battle against HIV/AIDS.

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