“Forgotten Hollywood”- Pittsburgh Enjoys Hitchcock & Wood!

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Manny P. here…

   Pittsburgh Filmmakers exhibits a wide variety of first-run foreign and independent American films, as well as, classics and documentaries at its three theaters: Regent Square Theater in the East EndHarris Theater in the downtown cultural district; and Melwood Screening Room in the main facility in North Oakland. All three theaters are equipped to project 16mm, 35mm, and digital. The Pittsburgh Filmmakers Galleries in North Oakland exhibits local and national artists with a focus in film, photography, and digital media.

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   This month at the Regent Square Theater, a single-screen neighborhood theater in the region, and featuring a Sunday night classic film series, they are honoring the iconic work of Alfred Hitchcock. Each month is organized by era, genre, director, actor, or other connected themes, with a screening usually at 8p. Here’s the March lineup:


~ THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH (March 10th) – This version starring Jimmy Stewart and Doris Day is a remake – in widescreen and Technicolor – of Hitch’s original 1934 film.

~ VERTIGO (March 17th) – One of Hitch’s most debated films, this psychological mystery has actually gained more acclaim over the years. Overall, it’s a beautifuly stunning piece of cinema.

list_tmwktm   list_vertigo

~ NORTH BY NORTHWEST (March 24th) – It’s not just the cleverly written script about mistaken identity, a suspenseful climb over Mt. Rushmore, or the thrilling Bernard Herrmann score that helps make this a favorite Hitchcock motion picture.

~ MARNIE (March 31st) – In this psychological thriller, this minor classic is buoyed by the driving musical score of Bernard Herrmann – his last for Hitchcock.

list_nbnw   list_marnie

   Each evening, a documentary entitled Hitchcock’s Ladies, is presented in crisp DCP.



   At the Tiny Harris Gallery through April 8th, original prints from carved woodcuts & linocuts inspired by classic flicks. Loren Kantor is a Los Angeles-based woodcut artist and writer. He’s worked in feature films and television for two decades. He channels his passion for classic films through his original woodcut prints.

   Pittsburgh really understands it’s dwellers continuing love for classic cinema.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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