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Manny P. here…

   Missing for decades, the Wright brothers’ patent for their Flying Machine was found last month in a manilla envelope among 15-foot-high stacks of patent files in a limestone cave outside a small Kansas city. The holy grail of missing documents, which was supposed to be stored in Washington DC with other priceless papers, was finally recovered.

   The Wright brothers applied for the patent in 1903—nine months later their Flying Machine would spend 12 seconds airborne. One document in the patent file notes the brothers invented a new and useful machine for navigating the air. But, when officials tried to find the patent file for a commemoration in 2000, it had disappeared.

fling machine


   The patent hadn’t actually been seen since 1980, when it was returned to the National Archives following an exhibit at the Smithsonian Institute. While it’s possible the patent file could have been stolen, officials assumed it had simply been misfiled, which can be even worse when you’re dealing with millions of patent papers.

   Sixteen years of hunting ended when archivist Bob Beebe — close to giving up during a search of a cave used to store records outside Lenexa, Kansas — opened one last box on March 22nd. Beebe emailed a colleague about the discovery.

   The infamous Flying Machine patent is finally scheduled to be exhibited next month at the National Archives Museum. Don’t you just love happy endings…

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