“Forgotten Hollywood”- No Movie Version… Please!

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Manny P. here…

Hitlerlatest_2785757b   An attempt to put Adolf Hitler’s most famous written rants in context will be on the market in January, thanks to a three-year effort by a group of Munich historians. Ending a 70-year ban on publishing Mein Kampf in German, the team from the Institute for Contemporary History will be releasing a two-volume, 2,000-page edition, with an enhanced layout featuring Hitler’s original text on one side of each two-page spread, and editorial annotations (around 3,500 in total) on the other side.

   ICH director Andreas Wirsching notes to the BBC that republishing the world’s most dangerous book will shatter the myth surrounding the work. Mein Kampf was banned by the Allies at the end of World War II, and the copyright was handed over to the state of Bavaria, which has denied others republishing rights, out of respect for Holocaust victims; and to avoid incitement.

   The copyright expires on December 31st, which means the book is now fair game for republishing once again. Not everyone agrees with the redo: An 83-year-old Jewish leader in Munich labels Mein Kampf: a disgusting incitement to hatred and the basis of the Holocaust, and says it should warrant no further discussions.

   More than 200 pre-orders have been placed for the $63 book, though their is no clue how well the first run of nearly 4,000 copies will eventually sell. A previous work about Hitler’s 1920s-1930s speeches garnered almost zero public interest. Meanwhile, interest remains high on the publication of  numerous editions of The Diary of Ann Frank.

   My interest in the intrinsic value of Mein Kampf is that history never repeats itself. A reminder of the origins of Nazi insanity might ultimately prove the only worth of this infamous endeavor.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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