“Forgotten Hollywood”- Natalie Wood’s Final Cry For Help…

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Manny P. here…

   Natalie Wood was screaming for help as she drowned, according to a witness whose account has never been disclosed. Retired stockbroker Marilyn Wayne has provided credible eyewitness testimony that the star was shouting desperate cries for aid, but was ignored.

   Relatedly, the Los Angeles police last week said that substantial new evidence has led them to reopen their investigation into the Wood’s drowning off Catalina Island, thirty years ago this week. Her death was ruled accidental at the time. Now, a police source has described Robert Wagner, now 81, as a person of interest in the updated case.


   They were on-board their yacht Splendour, with her alleged love interest, Oscar-winner Christopher Walken on that fateful evening, and Wagner has always maintained Wood accidently slipped and drowned as she drunkenly tried to tie up a dinghy against the boat. Natalie’s sister has claimed that the actress was so scared of water, she never would have ventured off alone to Avalon late into the evening.

   With this new witness coming forward, the questions homicide detectives are exploring — Did Wagner  or Walken hear the cries of distress and Did they attempt to save Wood from drowning after she fell into the ocean… Investigators plan to hold a news conference, and are asking for individuals to come forward with information about the case, and to contact sheriff’s officials or an anonymous tip that has been set up.


getImage   Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History, has reached its next impressive  milestone. On the heels of my second paperback, the sales for my first book has surpassed 3200. My most recent purchases have come from tourists who have visited Larry Edmunds Bookshop and  LA LA Land souvenir megastore along Hollywood Blvd., and the fine membership of the local chapter of Rotary International in Burbank, CA.

larry edmunds   hollywood mega store   rotary3wheels-150x150   Forgotten Hollywood cover

   The book series is now found in the combined hands of 4400 readers. Onward and upward!

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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