“Forgotten Hollywood”- Let’s Toast to Success!

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Manny P. here…

   Less than two weeks ago, I was proud to announce 600 in confirmed book sales. Of course, I was unaware of how we were officially doing in outside retail sales. I hoped to be doing well, but the best I could suggest was a rough estimate.

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   Laura Danforth of Danforth Book Distribution just mailed me the latest numbers, which exceeded my expectations. The best news: Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History had a tremendous WinterSpring. And, the June figures don’t include the impact of my Fox 11 television appearance on Amazon, and subsequent Border’s and Costco book signing events. However, I can now report just under 800 paperbacks sold!

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   With some effort, and unwavering belief… SELF-PUBLISHING is a winner. My work is officially a money-maker! Of course, the incredible Book Publishers Network team (Sheryn Hara, Stephanie Martindale, Julie Scandora) helped make Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History acceptable to the book-buying public. The marketing tandem of Keri Sausman and Barbara Kindness are to be congratulated for their efforts. My wife Laurie, sister Virginia, parents Manny and Gloria, and nephew Matthew all had a hand in believing my venture was a profitable one. To all of my friends who have supported me – my humble thanks. AND, for the folks (I have never met) who bought my book because they are inspired by the subject-matter, words cannot express my absolute appreciation!

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   My book is not yet a Best-Seller; but it is an Award-Winning work. Naturally, when I sell out the First-Edition, I’ll gladly donate a hefty check to MOOSEHEART of Moose International Inc. for the education of at-risk children.

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   I also acknowledge the retail efforts of the Paley Center for Media, William’s Book Store, Chevalier’s, the Hollywoodland Experience and Tower.com for making my product so readily available. My peers in the media – Gary Lycan of the Orange County Register, Art Laboe, Tony Valdez, Ira Sternberg, Mike Horn of CRN, Kari Moran of KFWB, Tim Keenan, and Mark Sevi – your promotional press and constructive ideas have been invaluable. And to the libraries around the nation who have placed my book on their shelves, I hope my words can provide inspiration about the history I present to eager readers wanting to learn more.


   The bottom line: The Second Edition is my next major goal. But TODAY, I raise a champagne glass and toast the special milestone achieved by Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History!

Until next time…                               “never forget”

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