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Manny P. here…

   Eight weeks have just passed on our ongoing Indiegogo FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD Pilot  Documentary (Development) funding campaign; and we’re extremely pleased at reaching 37% of our goal. To participate, I urge you to click on the Indiegogo link below:




~ ERIC AND SHERE TEGGERS ($100) – This is a very talented couple, who has a real appreciation with the Forgotten Hollywood Book Series. Her stage name is Shere Thu Tuy, and was born and raised in Saigon. Her real love is for crafting a song, she has also been active in movies, and in television shows, such as All My Children, One Life To Live, M*A*S*H, Too Close For Comfort, Divorce Court, and Rambo First Blood. Shere’s tunes can be currently purchased on Itunes, Amazon, and CDbaby.com.

   Eric’s early years were spent at Chester-Cheshire in England; a graduate of the University of  Oxford. Using the pen name – Robin Walker, he owns EQ Recordings in Long Beach. He’s promoting his 2008  Flowers For Beth, a stage production in the format of an Audio Book, and created for a young mature audience. Visit Flowersforbeth.com for more info. It’s available on CD and Kindle.

~ JIM AND HELEN GRICE ($50) – Jim and Helen are my longtime friends, and they share a great affinity for karaoke. Beloved by the Southern California singing community, for their unabashed support, you can fine this really adorable couple at Harvey’s Steakhouse in Huntington Beach, Westminster Lanes, Mr. B’s and Starting Gatein Los Alamitos, and many other locales, when the mood strikes.

   Despite a bout with glaucoma leaving Helen without sight, Jim stands by her side providing the words for her to show off her talent. The Forgotten Hollywood Pilot dealing with the issue of disability, and how everyday folks with physical challenges can lead productive and active lives, is in part, my personal tribute to the wonderful Helen Grice. They live in Westminster.

~ MARGARET LUCAS ($50) – Margaret is a very active, who is busily performs in the Long Beach / Los Alamitos area in senior-related events. She is a big advocate for the Humanities, and supports community theatre, karaoke, and, my ongoing Forgotten Hollywood project.

lorilyn craig~ LORILYN CRAIG ($35) – I’ve known Lorilyn since 1982. Currently residing in Corona, she spent much of her career as an ER coordinator in the Long Beach area. She is a real spitfire, with a real soft core. Without nary a word, Lorilyn has supported my entire career as a radio announcer, author, karaoke host, and now, producer of a documentary concept.

~ ANTHONY AND DAYLE RIVERA ($10) – Tony and Dayle are another loving couple who live in Fullerton. He has dabbled as a musician in evenings, while holding a more conventional day job. She, like Helen, is a productive homemaker. Together, they love to sing karaoke as a mutual hobby.

wendy brown~ WENDY BROWN ($10) – Rossmoor, California is a really special quiet community in the heart of Los Alamitos. Wendy is one of those suburbanites who enjoys the Humanities, which include reading, live offerings, and other types of entertainment. Wendy sees all of her hobbies as an opportunity to expand her horizons, which she does often.

cecil boles~ CECIL BOLES ($10) – As you may have guessed, Cecil is from Fort Worth, Texas. A member of the Buena Park Moose, and a karaoke enthusiast at the TomKat Lounge, Cecil is a witty individual who loves to read, including the Forgotten Hollywood Book Series. Now retired, he supports the total concept;  doing so since its inception in 2009.


   Helping me share the FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD Documentary on their social network sites:

   JULIE TURNBAUGH is quite familiar with Indiegogo, and finds it to be an ideal way to reach personal goals. She is very candid in helping our team with the Forgotten Hollywood campaign on Facebook. Julie has collaborated with me on a couple of karaoke ventures. ERIC TEGGERS is also actively promoting the project on his Facebook page. Plus, thanks to RICH BOKIDES for Tweeting the link info on his GO FOR LOCATION page

* * * * *

   During the 2013 campaign, I’m asking friends, family, and supporters of our FORGOTTEN HOLLYWOOD franchise to help us reach our 120-day (17-week) goal of $500055 important contributions… and the list continues to grow.

   YOU can contribute ANY AMOUNT. This step ensures Development, and we’ll be able to:

  1. Hire a research archivist to track down footage and photos; and secure licensing
  2. Hire a consultant / casting director to book actors and behind-the-scenes folks from Hollywood’s Golden Age; plus cinematic historians for original interviews
  3. Set up a production shoot to tape these candid moments

   Again, here’s the Indiegogo link for your chance to participate:


   I’m immersed over the flow of your official future consideration… And thrilled, of course, by our latest round of contributors.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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