“Forgotten Hollywood”- Google Celebrates Georges Méliès…

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Manny P. here… 

“`The first-ever Virtual Reality 360° interactive Doodle, created in collaboration with Google Spotlight Stories,  Google Arts and Culture, and  Cinémathèque Française, honors Georges Méliès, the trailblazing French illusionist and movie director, on the release date of one of his iconic masterpieces:  À la conquête du pôle. Méliès pioneered numbers of technical and numerous film techniques in the early days of cinema, primarily in the use of special effects, and creation of the earliest films of the science fiction genre.



“`Georges Méliès transformed the world of cinema over a century ago. He brought his magic to film through dozens of tricks and illusions. In addition to being a magician, Méliès was an expert storyteller. He saw cameras as more than just a tool to capture forms. Georges imagined them as vehicles to transport and truly immerse people into a tale.

“`An amazingly agile actor and remarkable mime, Méliès also appeared in almost all of his works. He also proved to be a visionary of what was to come; like Jules Verne was to literature.

“`We can thank the pioneering mind of Georges Méliès (right) for the cinematographic wonder and special effects we see today.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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