“Forgotten Hollywood”- First Day at School…

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Manny P. here…

   Without any promotion or distribution in place, and with my website under construction. I can proudly announce the sale of a 100 “Forgotten Hollywood” books in the first 20 days of life in print!!  WOW!!

   I realize that most of these purchases were by my family and friends. But, that speaks volumes on the loyalty of both. And, I have even more folks that I know that are asking to buy the paperback… So, the possibilities are promising over the next week or so.

   I need to take a moment to thank Gary Lycan, radio columnist for The Orange County Register for his moving Forward in the book.  The reaction to his writing has been heartfelt and positive.

   I also want to thank those individuals that purchased my book at KaraokeFest 2009  at The L.A. County Fair (on September 5th), some of whom I barely know. Their interest in the subject matter confirms my belief that I wrote something of great interest to old and young.

   Now the really exciting news to report…

   Don Barrett of L.A.radio.com wrote a wonderful story on his blog about my book that appeared yesterday (complete with a photo of me and a giant-size version of the cover of my book). I immediately received an email from Bob Moore, the President and General Manager of KLOS and KABC in Los Angeles, congratulating me on my endeavor, and offering his help in promoting the book through his radio stations!!

   No sooner than this piece of good news…then the unthinkable! On a tip from Gary Lycan, I had a promising phone conversation with The Paley Center For Media in Beverly Hills (formerly called The Museum Of Television and Radio), which led to a meeting scheduled for next week to discuss the possibility of selling “Forgotten Hollywood” in their gift shop…OMG!

   And then, I had a conversation with an official librarian of  The Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences that amounted to a verbal  agreement by the representative to read my text for the consideration of the placement of my book in their vaunted library. “Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History” would gain the status of social and cultural significance if the decision is positive. I will keep you posted on the results of this important decision.

   Finally, I’m off to Portland today (with my wife, Laurie) to The Pacific Northwest Booksellers Association fall meeting. The Book Publishers Network has an entourage of  writers, including the youngest brother of a former President, Ed Nixon (who is selling his hardcover copy of his book on the life of the Nixon family).

   So, this weekend promises to be busy as I meet with folks such as Amazon, and videotape a message to you that will appear soon on this site talking about “Forgotten Hollywood.”  Yes, you will soon see what I look like!!

   My next update should chronicle my Portland experience. And, I promise to deliver the motivation and creative reasoning behind “Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History.”

Until then>                                      “never forget” 

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