“Forgotten Hollywood”- Actor’s Grandson Buys Book!

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   My Sunday with the Los Angeles Visionaries Association (LAVAwas quite special at Clifton’s Cafe in the heart of Downtown, Los Angeles. I was able to share Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History with this eclectic group.15 john carradine captain courageous trailer

   One of the Visionaries is Richard Carradine, grandson of legendary actor John Carradine. The elder Carradine is a featured subject of Chapter Seven in my paperback. His career was prolific, and he appeared in 500 movies that transcended Hollywood’s Golden Age (and beyond).

   Of course, the Carradine’s are part of a noted film and television dynasty, with three of John’s children having enjoyed storied careers. His son Keith won an Oscar for writing the song I’m Easy, which appeared in the Robert Altman movie Nashville. Richard, the son of Chris and Carolyn Carradine, is a noted ghost-hunter.

   frontcoverAccording to the LAVA website:

In over a decade of hunting, Richard Carradine has investigated ghosts from all over the world, (Canada, Scotland, England, Wales, Austria, Czech Republic, and Slovenia) and throughout the U.S. (Florida, California, New York, Louisiana, Virginia, and Montana). In California alone, he has investigated over 200 haunted locations (including all 23 missions). But, his favorite haunted hunting grounds is the City of Angels.

His approach to each case is academic. Proving or disproving the spiritual activity of a certain spot isn’t what motivates this ghost hunter. Instead, he’s more interested in collecting the stories and eyewitness accounts (and archiving them) as a means of recording them for future studies into these unusual phenomena that clearly affect so many unconnected people.  


In 2006, he co-founded a social club for local ghost enthusiasts that is dedicated to the preservation of greater L.A.’s rich haunted history, and the promotion and celebration of this local lore. The GHOST HUNTERS of URBAN LOS ANGELES (GHOULA) meets every 13th of the month at a different haunted bar/restuarant for an event orginized by Mr. Carradine entitled Spirits with Spirits… where attendees share their ghost stories over a drink in an infamous location.

Here is a link to their website:  http://www.ghoula.org

    Richard Carradine is now a proud owner of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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