“Forgotten Hollywood”- Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy… circa 2012!

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Manny P. here…

   His birthplace is in question; and there are zero findings of a birth certificate. What gives? No, I’m not talking about President Obama. The big mystery gripping all of Great Britain is questions surrounding <—— Charlie Chaplin

    Secret papers released on Friday by the National Archives in London suggest Chaplin may not have been born a Brit on the day generally accepted as his birthday. After scouring the many files at Somerset House for his birth certificate, including checks for his supposed alias Israel Thornstein, British Intelligence concluded that the iconic star may not have been born in the United Kingdom.

   Investigations in France and Russia have also drawn similar conclusions. It seems no evidence exists as to where Charlie Chaplin was born. Rumors that he was a child of gypsys have proved similarly unfounded. This hypothesis has been fact checked… Really?

   The American government have long surmised that the Silent Screen star was a Communist. J. Edgar considered Chaplin a threat to Democracy. Allied intelligence wanted to close this cold case file in 2012. So far, it’s not meant to be…

   Because of the many mysteries surrounding Chaplin during his lifetime, he was finally knighted after a 20-year delay in March 1975. What is known… The United States banned the actor from entering the country in 1952. He was finally allowed to appear, decades later, at the Academy Awards to accept an honorary Oscar.

   Charlie Chaplin took his many secrets to the grave, when he died in Switzerland in 1977. Meanwhile, the current FBI-style search, which has transfixed two continents, will continue…

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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