“Forgotten Hollywood”- Did Joan Crawford Commit Suicide…

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Manny P. here…

“`Joan Crawford is one of the most iconic movie actors to have ever graced the silver screen. But, despite her fame and critical acclaim,  she died alone inside her Manhattan apartment. The final episode of the brilliant FX anthology Feud gave viewers a glimpse into Crawford’s final weeks, pointing out how solitary it was for a woman, who was at one time, the toast of Tinseltown. JOAN CRAWFORD ->

“`Crawford had made a  decision to end her movie career after 50 years, when her looks began to change with age, and the offers started to dry up. She was found deceased inside her apartment on May 10th, 1977 at the age of 69, 70, or maybe, 72.  Out of respect, the lowest of ages was officially published.  Now, Crawford’s death was shrouded in mystery.

“`Crawford’s loneliness was amplified after her four adopted kids opted out on a Mother’s Day visit. Plus, Joan was aware daughter Christina was penning a scathing account about growing up with the woman, who millions loved and adored for 50 years. The best indication Crawford was planning for the end:  She gave away her beloved Shih Tzu to friends to care for, despite the fact she had not let her pooch out of her apartment for close to a year.

“`She was dead 48 hours later. The actual date of her passing also had an added significance: Her 22nd wedding anniversary with her fourth and final husband, Alfred Steele.

“`Soon after Crawford’s death, multiple friends came forward, convinced the star’s death was a suicide from an overdose of sleeping pills; with the strongest claim coming from Joan’s own daughter, Cynthia. Upon learning her mom’s cause of death had been listed as acute coronary occlusion, she pointed out her mother had been suffering from cancer,  and had absolutely no history of heart problems.

“`Meanwhile, the medical examiner didn’t conduct an autopsy. The coroner eventually stated if he had been aware that she have taken her own life,  he would have performed a thorough examination of the actress’ corpse.

“`The answer may never really be known.

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