“Forgotten Hollywood”- The Diary of Anne (and Otto) Frank…

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   The copyright on The Diary of Anne Frank, set to expire January 1st in most of Europe, has been extended by at least 35 years after the Swiss foundation that holds the copyright claimed Anne’s diary actually had a co-author: her father, Otto Frank. Otto has long been acknowledged as an editor and compiler of the best-selling work, but by acknowledging him as an author, Anne Frank Fonds is able to extend its copyright on the work until the end of 2050. Frank left them unread for some time, but eventually began transcribing them from Dutch for his Swiss relatives in 1947.           OTTO FRANK –>

   In most of Europe, copyrights expire 70 years after the author’s death. Anne died 70 years ago, but Otto didn’t pass away until 1980. Anyone in Europe wanting to publish the book will now need to continue asking the foundation for permission and paying it royalties.

   The change isn’t sitting well with many. One lawyer says it implies the foundation has been lying all these years about Anne writing the diary on her own. Others say giving copyright protection to editors undermines authors and calls the foundation’s claims that Otto co-authored the diary as spurious.

   As the sole member of his family to survive The Holocaust, Otto Frank inherited Anne’s manuscripts after her death, arranged for the publication of her diary, and oversaw its transition to the stage and screen. The foundation, which donates proceeds from sales of The Diary of Anne Frank to charities, says it’s not about the money. Rather they say they want to protect Anne’s legacy.

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