“Forgotten Hollywood”- Berlin Wall (Twenty Years Later)…

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Manny P. here…

   The twentieth anniversary of the The Berlin Wall coming down is practically upon us. In my book Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History, I remind readers about the impact Ronald Reagan had when he faced down the former Soviet Union at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin. The chapter on Ward Bond is loaded with insight because of my reference to the Communist red-scare hysteria of the 1950’s which led to the eventual political confrontation between the Eastern bloc and the Free World. The Berlin Wall built in 1961 came to symbolize the global rift of ideas and the separation of one people. Thankfully, the wall was torn down in early November of 1989. The History Channel just did a very thoughtful documentary on the personal human stories of the Wall

Fragment of the Berlin Wall - Imperial War Museum / London

Berlin Wall / Imperial War Museum, London

   Now, there are worldwide celebrations to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the elimination of The Berlin Wall. U2 and Jay-Z just performed for the German people at the site. Southern California also recognizes this important victory for freedom. Portions of the wall can be viewed at local museums in Los Angeles and Orange County, including the Richard Nixon Library.


    I saw the display at the Nixon Library on President’s Day. It is quite sobering to view portions of The Berlin Wall up close. This is a fragment of history that should never be forgotten.

   On a personal note, it was on this excursion I met Sheryn Hara from the Book Publishers Network. I feel blessed for this fortunate chance encounter (since they have ultimately helped me publish my book).

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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