“Forgotten Hollywood”- Being Rod Serling…

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Manny P. here…

“`The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation  is a non-profit designed to promote and preserve his contributions to arts and humanities.  The website remains membership-driven and they share articles, interviews and all things related to The Twilight Zone. The administrators work to educate the public about Serling’s genius, his legacy, and his passion for justice.

“`Since 2017, the foundation has held what they call: Narrate Your Own Twilight Zone (2020) contest. This is your chance to write the openings and the closings of an imaginary story that may have aired on The Twilight Zone. You must also pen a clever title of the fictional piece.

“`This is like a sixty-second pitch. Warm up by writing new narrations for an existing episode and read it to friends. Then write the narrations for your original idea.


“`Here are the particulars:

  • Maximum word count: 150 words total, both narrations combined
  • Maximum entries: two per person
  • Title and Narrations only. Any additional content will be ignored
  • Deadline: Halloween 2020 (October 31st)
  • They will not consider a previous entry
  • Previous winners excluded

“`Judging will be performed by Rod Serling Memorial Foundation board members, using the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • How easily they can imagine Rod speaking your words
  • How well your narrations suggest the imaginary episode

“`What will you win? The Rod Serling Memorial Foundation offers to you: Immortality! Your personal area of their Twilight Zone. Actor Stephen Dexter will perform the winning entries. Winners will be announced in time for Rod Serling’s ninety-fifth birthday on Christmas Day. The video will be accessible from their website at www.RodSerling.com.

“`Send your entries to:  Stephen Schlich, RodSerling.com webmaster. GOOD LUCK!

“`By the way, I also decided to enter this year… fingers crossed.

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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