“Forgotten Hollywood”- Another Fine Mess…

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Manny P. here…

“`There are few names in the history of comedy which have stood the test of time; acts transcending age and bringing smiles to generations. Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy were pinnacles of comedic genius for their time. They have been recognized as a template for modern humor and celebrated by today’s most popular comedians.

“`Laurel and Hardy were best remembered during the early classic Hollywood era of American cinema. Stan Laurel was English and Oliver Hardy was American. The duo appeared as a team in over a hundred movies, between 1927 and 1950. The official Laurel and Hardy appreciation society is called The Sons of the Desert, named after the fictional fraternal society in the 1933 film of the same name.

“`Laurel and Hardy are back with brand new nostalgic adventures based on their fan-favorite comedy. They were recently reintroduced through the Stan and Ollie movie, starring John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan!

“`American Mythology Comics is bringing Laurel and Hardy’s beloved slapstick shenanigans back to their legion of fans with the release of a new comic book.  The publisher will bring new stories to fans with the upcoming series, and also reprints some of their skits from years past. Stories will center on honoring the tone and feel of the original skits made famous by the comedians.

“`Jorge Pacheco returns to Laurel and Hardy for the first time in thirty years, and he delivers beautiful interior and cover art! Laurel and Hardy #1 comes in two covers:  Main and Limited Edition (by Pacheco).

“`Comic book fans are encouraged to reserve a copy with local comics retailers.

Until next time>                              “never forget”

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