“Forgotten Hollywood”- A Story Oliver Stone Might Embrace…

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Manny P. here…

1040274-6-20151011140747-cia-yes-we-covered-up-the-jfk-killing   According to an article written by the agency’s senior in-house historian, the CIA purposely held back information from the Warren Commission, Politico reports. John McCone, at the time the agency’s director, apparently failed to tell the commission about agency plots to murder Fidel Castro (including ones involving the Mafia). So, the commission never knew to ask whether Oswald had Cuban comrades that were set on assassinating President John F. Kennedy in Dallas. The commission notoriously concluded that Oswald acted alone, spawning many decades of conspiracy theories involving Castro, the Mafia, the CIA, the Soviets, and even President Lyndon B. Johnson.

   It seems the White House nudged McCone along: He shared the administration’s interest in avoiding disclosures about covert actions that would circumstantially implicate [the] CIA in conspiracy theories, and possibly lead to calls for a tough US response against the perpetrators of the assassination, reads the article, which was published in a CIA internal magazine in 2013, and declassified (with 15 redactions) last fall. McCone also apparently didn’t say that the CIA may have been communicating with Oswald before the killing, and was illegally reading his mail after he tried defecting to the Soviets in 1959.

   The article, by CIA historian David Robarge, calls McCone’s actions benign; but says, the cover-up played a big role in undermining the credibility of the commission.

   This is a story that definitely has legs in the eyes of conspiracy theorists.

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