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Manny P. here…

“`Turner Classic Movies is joining filmmaker Joshua Grossberg, who is leading a second search to Brazil to locate missing reels of the 1942 production The Magnificent Ambersons in the hope of restoring the film for the big screen. TCM is sponsoring the latest leg of Grossberg’s search and producing a documentary entitled, The Search for the Lost Print:  The Making of Orson Welles’  The Magnificent Ambersons.  This celluloid chronicle will cover the twenty-five-year effort Grossberg has already endured to attempt to find it.

“`Here is the back story…  After disastrous test screenings of The Magnificent Ambersons, the movie studio RKO decided to prune forty-three minutes from the production and added a new, more optimistic ending, all without Welles permission.  This original footage was melted down for its nitrate for use in World War II and has been considered lost ever since. However, one celluloid copy was sent to the director who was working in Brazil on his next flick. Welles would walk away from Hollywood and forge a path as an independent storyteller and director for the rest of his career.

“`Grossberg’s return trip to Brazil begins in Fall 2021. The Search for the Lost Print will include production photos and first-hand accounts from those who viewed it and chronicle the story of Grossberg’s search as well as discuss Welles’ exile from Hollywood after the events.

“`This documentary premieres on TCM in July 2022 to honor the film’s eightieth anniversary. If a print is found and in viable condition, Grossberg and TCM will restore  The Magnificent Ambersons to premiere alongside the documentary’s release.

“`Grossberg and TCM released a video on Instagram announcing the project and his quest to find the lost cut. Click on the link to watch:

Until next time>                               “never forget”

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