I completed reading your book whilst on vacation in Cyprus (not your hometown), the island in the Mediterranean.

   I found the book a thoughtful and in-depth look at the lesser known faces of Hollywood today. Many of the names were well-known to me (as an avid movie-goer in the Fifties) although one or two names did slip below my ‘radar’.

   You did also mention the Barrymores and I would add that Lionel, John and Ethel are all target projects for my ‘Movie Legends’ series. Your book has encouraged me to pictorally research some of the other characters who all deserve some recognition for their contribution to Hollywood history. Subject to availablity of images, I will endeavor to pay tribute to as many of the names, highlighted in your book, as possible.

   Your book, although written for American readership, will translate well to UK readers as Hollywood’s influence in British cinemas was dominant. The history of Hollywood and the British cinema was closely interwined with a crossover of Stars and Directors on both sides of the Atlantic, all of which is well documented.

   Finally, I must congratulate you on a fine piece of work. I trust it won’t be your last foray into forgotten Hollywood and I must thank you for your generosity. Your book will take pride of place in my bookcase of Hollywood reference material.

Kindest Regards