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Authors, Self-Publishers & Small Presses – We Sell Your Books to the Corporate Market
  •  We are experts at large-quantity incentive sales
  •  All books are non-returnable
  • No inventory or credit risk
  • Small front-end fee plus fair commission on sales

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This program is dedicated to promoting the initial mentoring program designed for author’s assistants and coaches

My friend and business collaborator, Terry Roberts, Founder & CEO of www.IncentiveBooks.com, has just published a free fourteen-page Special Report written for author’s assistants and coaches or anyone else who helps authors create, publish and market their books.

In this report, Terry shares – based on his 30 years of marketing experience with major corporations – “The Top Ten Secrets That Author’s Assistants Need to Discover About the Books-as-Incentives Marketplace to be a Hero to their Clients.”  (Hint: that means this knowledge could get you more clients, help you keep clients longer, and earn you higher fees .)

The incentives market that Terry teaches about should be at least a *part* of any non-fiction book marketing program. It may well be the difference between the sales success of a book or not. The report is free. You can immediately download the report at:

(use link below if interested)