Hi Manny,

First of all, I just want to compliment you on both your historical and Hollywood knowledge, as well as the immense amount of research you conducted to put the book together.  It’s truly a monumental work.  It’s very well written, and it certainly reflects a man with a definitive passion for his subject matter…  As you know adapting a book for the screen is often not easy… Because of the wealth inherent within your material, I’m in the process of wrapping my arms around it to derive the best possible angle – from which we can produce and also sell your work as a documentary feature and/or a television series.  Again, it’s really an amazing work…  I’m highly impressed with your accomplishment….  As I continue to read you book, it’s an ongoing bit “Wow!” for me.

~  ~  ~

What makes this media property compelling for Vision4Media are the stories behind some of the most beloved movies and cinematic legends from Hollywood’s Golden era, and how many of these true accounts are surprisingly relevant for our times. Within this rich, untold history of Hollywood lies a treasure trove of great and poignant social commentary.

 Younger viewers will especially discover that none of the issues we wrestle within the 21st century are new. ‘Forgotten Hollywood’ is a powerful moving allegory to the greatest challenges we are still wrestling with today – from immigration, to race relations, to even the rights of the disabled.  And, our goal here is not to be didactic, but simply to relate the untold stories of the actors, directors and movies from a ‘forgotten’ Hollywood era, that when revealed, suddenly become powerful reminders of how much work we have left to do.


(David C. Loya is the co-founder and President of Vision4Media. The Brea, CA-based production company has just entered into an agreement to develop Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History as a theatrical documentary)