Margaret Dumont

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  •  Chapter One:  Sydney Greenstreet, Peter Lorre

  • Chapter Two:  Frank Morgan

  • Chapter Three:  Jack Carson

  • Chapter Four:  Andy Devine

  • Chapter Five:  Lon Chaney Jr.

  • Chapter Six:  S. Z. Sakall

  • Chapter Seven:  Carl Switzer, Leo Gorcey, Freddie Bartholomew

  • Chapter Eight:  Charles Coburn

  • Chapter Nine:  Alan Hale Sr.

  • Chapter Ten:  Gilbert Roland, Cesar Romero

  • Chapter Eleven:  James Gleason

  • Chapter Twelve:  Margaret Dumont, Majorie Main, Jane Darwell

  • Chapter Thirteen:  C. Aubrey Smith

  • Chapter Fourteen:  Frank McHugh

  • Chapter Fifteen:  Dean Jagger