Moose Charities Inc., is a registered nonprofit, Illinois-based 501 (c)3 charity, charged with the primary goal of providing the necessary resources for the continued support and maintenance of the MOOSEHEART Child City & School and the MOOSEHAVEN retirement community. 
   MOOSEHEART CHILD CITY & SCHOOL is a residential childcare facility, located on a 1,000-acre campus 38 miles west of Chicago. The Child City is a home for children and teens in need, from infancy through high school. Dedicated in July 1913 by the Moose fraternal organization, MOOSEHEART cares for youth whose families are unable, for a wide variety of reasons, to care for them. The Moose fraternity provides children with a wholesome home-like environment and the best possible training and education.
   Additional donations can be made to Moose Charities 155 South International Drive, Mooseheart, Illinois 60539-1100.  Email inquiries about Moose Charities Inc. can be made at
Mooseheart 100

$1 of every purchase of the First Edition of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History will go to this fine charity. 

***Donation Ceremony took place on September 15, 2012 at the Buena Park Moose Lodge.


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